Nomadic, Illusion, Heritage and Noir || Bristol Fashion Week AW15

BFW AW15 outside the venue 

 Last Thursday was one of the best and worst evenings of September 2015. Two things; fashion week and public transport. Yes, due to my inability to drive (I am trying to change this) and the wonders of the British transport system I was ten minutes late to Bristol Fashion Week’s Bloggers Live show. But rather than focusing on the incompetence of buses and trains, I will focus on the eight energetic scenes that showcased some of the top trends for autumn and winter this year.

While I have made it no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of high street chains, preferring independent and charity retailers when possible, I do still shop in them. Next, New Look, River Island, Marks and Spencer, Oasis, John Lewis… I have to admit I do still shop in them. But- this is where BFW really plays a role- the high street is great for inspiring me when I’m hunting through the charity shops. Their role is showcasing the trends, allowing me to pick and choose what I like before putting my own spin on it in my local shops.

To this end, I have selected my four favourite trends from BFW, which will be inspiring my shopping hunts over the next few months.

Nomadic (Marks & Spencer)

BFW A_W 2015_038

Autumn has arrived. It must be time to reinvent the ever-present bohemian folk trend with its floating fabric, relaxed silhouettes and moody combination of paisley and floral patterns. While it is a style I find very hard to wear- a curvy figure and floaty fabrics aren’t the best of friends-  folk-inspired outfits are gorgeous. While I won’t be going for the full on Nomadic look, I’m going to be looking at reworking some of current pieces to reflect a little bit of bohemian style. My wide-legged linen trousers, worn with tights for warmth, could be worn with my flats and fedora for a bit of 60s flare. Or my blanket scarf, inherited from my grandma, can be belted or wrapped as an alternative to a jacket. The best bit, I’ve just realised I don’t even have to shop to get a little bit of nomadic style.

Just An Illusion (Oasis)

BFW A_W 2015_081

I’m pretty sure there is no end to how monochrome can be updated. That is probably why I love it. As a big fan of black and having come round to the idea that white is just as versatile, Oasis take on monochromatic illusion-inspired patterns captured my attention. I’m not sure how to replicate this style easily without actually popping by an Oasis branch but I’m now considering investing in white tights. Even if it’s as simple as white tights, I’ll be taking a pinch of 60s monochrome for inspiration when trying to liven up my black wardrobe. Maybe I can even combine it with…

Heritage Update (New Look)

BFW A_W 2015_082 

…My black kilt. Okay, so New Look’s heritage update was more Devil Wears Prada than Scottish traditions but I think my kilt paired with white tights would definitely be a good way of combining Oasis’ 60s monochrome with New Look’s tweed affair. This will definitely be a more flattering look for us curvier girls, particularly if you have good pins, as it’s really about fun tailoring. I’m going to be taking inspiration from the block colour tights, mostly so I can show off all my hard work at the gym. I’ll be pairing them with my black skirt and roll neck in order to let the jewel colours to really stand out. My biggest problem will be stopping any grey tweed from jumping into my basket at the same time. I kinda want the skirt suit on the left.

Noir (Marks & Spencer… again)

BFW A_W 2015_061

What would winter fashion be like without a bit of inspiration from the dark side. Whether you call it gothic or noir, there will always be something about black and dark colours that appeals to me. My personal favourite is the fourth in from the right, wearing wide legged trousers and an embellished roll neck. I adored the outfit as soon as I saw it on the catwalk and may have even tried to find the top in store. Unfortunately my search was unsuccessful so I will now be keeping my eyes peeled for similar tops wherever I may be. As for the waterfall hemline of the dress third from the right, you can check out The Gothic Shop and various other independent shops for similar styles. Though a gorgeous dress, it’s not a new style but one that has been in alternative fashion for a while. The high street just took a little longer to catch up.

I thoroughly enjoyed Bristol Fashion Week AW15, despite the horrific traffic, and feel completely revitalised for the colder weather. Now I just need to sort through my wardrobe and figure out how I’m going to put a CounterCouture twist on my favourite styles. How about you? Did you make it to fashion week this time around? Let me know what’s inspiring you for your AW15 wardrobe.


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Disclaimer: I was invited as a guest of BFW but all opinions are my own. All photos were used with the kind permission of Charlotte Stone and The Mall at Cribbs Causeway.

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