Review || Noemilates Health Coaching*

Review || Noemilates Health Coaching*

Throughout March, I was lucky enough to receive three sessions of health coaching from Noemi of Noemilates. If you read the post on Vegan Chai Latte, you would have read that I gave up dairy as a result of the coaching. As being encouraged to give up dairy was only one aspect of the health coaching, I thought it only fair to give a a proper review.

Before my first session with Noemi, I assumed that health coaching would be all about the food. By the end of the first hour, my perceptions of health coaching had been completely changed. From new exercises to help with cramps through to making turmeric and honey gummies, I’ve tried a few different things. Some of them have stuck and others are for future consideration.

Coaching via Skype

As Noemilates is based in Eastern Europe, the coaching was done over Skype. Fortunately, there was only an hour’s difference between time zones, we were able to do the coaching during the morning. As a result, I was awake and actually able to concentrate on the coaching! The only downside was that it took an hour out of prime studying time and wouldn’t work for people in a standard 9-5 job.

Also, as is to be expected when using Skype, there were a couple of times when the connection failed. Reconnecting wasn’t a problem so we were able to complete all the sessions, if with a couple of minutes break once or twice. Considering that should be expected with Skype or FaceTime, delivering the coaching over the internet was pretty successful.

Holistic Approach

Back to the food and exercise! One of the things that became clear very quickly was that Noemi encouraged a holistic approach to health. Straight away, the focus was on using food, exercise and supplements where needed to give your body everything it needs to let you love living. Considering my two main concerns were definitely related to my health and quality of life, holistic was exactly what I needed. Even better, the very first thing that Noemi asked about was what I wanted to tackle.

Hormonal Health (woohoo cramps!)

In case you haven’t realised it yet, I’m a little obsessed this year with menstrual health. I think #menstrualrealness has become one of my favourite hashtags. In the post on Mark 5 v25-34, I shared a little bit about my own history with cramps and that I’m trying to stop them naturally. Health coaching seemed the ideal opportunity to talk to someone about how to do this.

Skin Health (sorting out the eczema!)

My other concern that I raised with Noemi was about my skin. I’ve been lucky enough to inherit a mild case of eczema from my mum. Though it’s not enough to make life complicated, eczema and dry, itchy skin does make my life more annoying than I would like it to be. As skin is the body’s largest organ, it seemed natural to me that what I put in to my body would affect what happened to it.

 Session 1 – Adaptations and Additions

Noemi’s first aim was to look at what my diet was like and what changes to make to achieve my goals. The main food group that affects both hormones and skin is dairy (all the yummy cheese and butter). So the first recommendation was to give up or at least cut down on how much dairy I was eating. So not having butter, cheese and/or yogurt everyday! Fortunately, she did encourage me to enjoy almond milk, coconut yogurt, coconut oil and olive oil instead. The reason for this was a combination of proteins and hormones in milk that apparently affects the human body in not the best way. Either way, Noemi convinced me to give it a go and trial being dairy-reduced for a few weeks.

The other adaptation to my diet was the percentage of macronutrients I consumed and in what order. The main emphasis was on more protein in the morning and carbohydrates in the afternoon. So it’s all about boosting my green smoothies with almond butter and brazil nuts for breakfast and brown pasta in a veg-heavy sauce for dinner, preferably by 6pm. All of this is to be eaten with lots of vegetables! So I’m loading up my plates with spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots, peas and anything else I fancy.

Alongside these adaptations, I was encouraged to add in vitamin supplements and specific exercises to my daily routine. I’m now taking vitamins B complex, C and D to help hormonally and with my immune system. In regards to exercise, I’ve added in Noemilates-approved menstrual exercises, focusing particularly on the abs. So far they seem to be working. My abs are definitely improving.

Session 2 – All About Gut

Gut health is pretty big news right now. It was even in the Sainsbury’s Food I picked up the other day! Noemi put a lot of emphasis on the importance of gut health, as it affects both hormones and the immune system. Therefore, the gut affects both menstrual cramps and skin. Noemi made me realise that it was definitely time to sort out my gut!

Noemi uses the 5 ‘R’s to help her clients understand gut health.

  • Remove
  • Replace
  • Reinoculate
  • Repair
  • Rebalance

I haven’t been able to follow all the advice exactly due to various reasons, mostly financial (poor student! Sob!). However, some of the advice is easy. I’ve tried food replacements for dairy and sugar. I’m also finding new ways to eat more gelatin and turmeric to help with healing my gut of inflammation.

The other element of gut health is reducing stress in your life. Noemi pointed out that stress upsets the gut. Fortunately, this is an excellent excuse to get some sleep and take long walks outside. So no more midnight bedtimes for me!

Session 3 – Triggering Bad Habits

Like every woman, Noemi knows that bad eating habits can be triggered easily. From boredom to stress, many things can cause us to eat even if we’re not hungry. Noemi was great because her advice wasn’t the normal “ignore your emotions” advice. Instead she advised preparation! So now I’m trying to make sure I have food in that I can eat when stressed or bored but without the negative affects of low-nutrient snack foods. The other part is trying to stop yourself from being bored so always have something on hand to do. For me, I normally have a book or magazine on the go for the times that studying and blogging just get too much.

My favourite piece of advice from this session was another recipe idea. When I said I love chips and often have some in the freezer, she suggested courgette chips. I’m definitely going to be making some in the near future.


Noemilates Health Coaching was definitely an experience. While I didn’t learn as much as I had hoped, it did confirm a lot of what I had read over the last few years. However, what it did do was encourage me to actually implement it in my life. So far, the changes I have made so far has been beneficial, when I stick to them. 

Would I recommend Noemi as a health coach? Yes. You’ll reap the best benefits if you’re relatively new to researching healthy eating. If you spend your time googling the latest health crazes, it might not benefit you. Then again, it could be the push you need to start doing instead of just reading.


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