New Year Resolutions… Welcome 2015

On my way out for an evening of relaxing on sofas, drinking Prosecco and laughing till we ache.

2014 has been a real rollercoaster of a year. I’ve started counselling in the last few months and I’ve cut off the majority of my hair, which has been remarkably liberating. I’ve seen in my first blog birthday for CounterCultural. CounterCouture and met several other bloggers from the South West. I’ve spent two weeks in the Lake District and a weekend in France. All in all, it’s been a remarkable year.

I’ve barely stuck to any of my resolutions from last year. I’m definitely not going to become the owner of my own book-selling teashop any time soon and I haven’t reached my target weight either, though I’ve come close. My quiet times with God are still perilously close to zero. However, I have definitely expanded the blog and begun to feel like I understand the world of blogging a little bit more. But enough about the past. I’ve given myself a lot more resolutions this year but I feel they are slightly smaller and somewhat more doable:

  1. Get down to being 10.7 stone.
    • This sounds somewhat similar to last year’s resolution, only rather than 9.5 stones I’m aiming for the slightly more reasonable 10.7 stones. My first weigh in of 2015 was 166 pounds, which leaves me with 16 pounds to lose. Hopefully, by reducing my sugar, getting down to the gym more and eating more veg and protein should help with that. Plus, I’ve just bought a new juicer so I’m looking forward to fresh juices. Might even try some green ones.
  2. Complete the 2015 book challenge.
    • I have been defeated over the past year by a monster known to many of us. This monster is Netflix and has started to interfere with my work and sleep. Worst of all, it has interfered with my reading, seeing the number of books I read plummet. But this year that will change. To assist me with that, I am going to be trying to complete the 2015 Book Challenge. It’s a long list but hopefully I’ll get through it. 
  3. Read the Simarillion by Tolkein.
    • As a child I listened to the audio versions of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I was well and truly in love with Aragorn by the time I was eight or nine. (Bad luck to any prospective other halves.) So when the films came out I watched every little bit of Aragorn and Arwen’s story. As a big kid grown up, I’m still a massive fan of Aragorn and I find the whole concept of the historical-approach fascinating. So this year I intend to get my geek on and read the closest version to an actual history that Tolkein ever wrote. Maybe I’ll finally get my head around those crazy family trees.
  4. Visit Scotland.
    • Scotland. 2014 appears to have been the year of Scotland with the independence referendum hogging the spotlight for a large proportion of the year. However, my desire to visit the Highlands has nothing to do with politics. Being slightly obsessed with British history, particularly before the English turned up, which makes Scotland prime hobby-history territory. (If you want to split hairs, that makes my interest Scotti/Picti as well as Celtic/British.) Plus, my brother friend Robbie lives way up north and I’ve promised to visit him. The things you do for the family you choose!
  5. Visit a new European country on the continent.
    • This is the consequence of reading bloggers who live in different countries. Top of my list is Belgium, thanks to regularly reading Love Life, Love Fashion, followed by Geneva, after an article on La Petite Anglaise. I’m also really keen to visit San Francisco for my first Stateside visit. I’m determined to expand my travel horizons this year beyond France and England. Time for this home bird to stretch her wings.
  6. Write more posts on modest fashion.
    • I might not be one for fasholutions a la Ella Catliff but I do like to include at least one-style related resolution. This year I have tied it with my blogging resolution. I haven’t been particularly active on the fashion front recently but I intend to change that. Along with doing some posts on my new work wardrobe, I hope to be writing a bit more about modest alternatives to the current trends. This should also encourage me to dress more modestly without compromising on style or identity.
  7. Watch more historical programmes.
    • I don’t know if you were aware but I also write on a blog called Our History, Our Heritage. Unfortunately, this year my historical input and output has been at a dangerous minimum considering I’m a History graduate. So this year I’m determined to watch and read more history. As history text books can be hard going, I’m making the watching of programmes the resolution. Hopefully this will reignite my interest and get me reading and writing again. Let’s hope so or my MA dreams might shatter.

 So those are my resolutions for 2015. Some are familiar while others are brand new. But they are all about making 2015 the best year yet. It’s time to expand my horizons intellectually, geographically and stylishly. Oh, and expand my tastebuds. Do they count as a horizon?


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