My Weekend in Swansea || Steff’s 19th || LLG Sweetcorn Fritters

Back in November, I was able to spend a weekend in Swansea revisiting my student days. No, I’m not pining for the horrors ‘delights’ of student accommodation. Instead, it is my sister’s turn to live in an overpriced flat and live off the same meal four days in a row. Fortunately, for her birthday weekend, I was able to widen her palate for at least a few days.

Travelling up on the Friday wasn’t too hard as we’re on a direct line to Wales anyway. So four hours and one five minute change later, we were reunited and waiting to get the bus to her flat. Friday afternoon started off a bit slowly, mostly due to Steff’s two hour lecture and a much needed excursion to Tesco. Then the fun began as we proceeded to binge on Netflix and Chinese takeaway. I introduced my sister to my favourite Disney, Enchanted, while we enjoyed crispy shredded beef and sweet’n’sour chicken. This followed by Ben and Jerry’s frozen greek style yogurt with honey! We were so ridiculously full by the time we went to sleep but it was only the start of the food marathon…

Yes, I did say it was only the beginning of the food marathon. You may have noticed that my Instagram recently has had several photos of my test runs for recipes from Friends Food Family by Sasha Wilkins. I actually took the recipe with me as Steff had previously requested we try out the sweetcorn fritters. Considering that we had gone to sleep post-midnight and did not get up till almost 10am, it took a little bit of effort to get our act together and mix up the batter.

London Liberty Girl Sweetcorn Fritters

The fritters are actually incredibly simple. Effectively a thick batter with sweetcorn stirred through it, I left Steff to cook them as she’s something of a dab hand with pancakes. I was left with sorting out the caramelised red onion and lettuce to go inside the buns. Oh, and laying the table so that it looked pretty. After all, it was her birthday weekend.

London Liberty Girl Sweetcorn Fritters

London Liberty Girl Sweetcorn Fritters

While we were eating brunch, the parents turned up for the day with somewhat hungry stomachs. (Being sensible, mature adults they had eaten breakfast at a reasonable time of day.) So having finished brunch, two hours later we headed out to the local Toby Carvery for a roast dinner. Yum! It was so good but I felt like I weighed two of me by the end. We even had dessert! Thank goodness we went for an afternoon walk afterwards.

Caswell Beach
Catherine Zeta-Jones’ house! With helicopter!

Caswell Beach

We went to Caswell Beach on Steff’s reccomendation, as she had become quite fond of it after a trip with the Christian Union. Absolutely gorgeous and the views were stunning. I did receive some slack/mickey-taking for rocking my dad’s delapidated and old vintage barbour wax jacket. Steff is studying zoology but the first year is straight biology so we were also treated to a few lessons on seaweed. I was just as bad, sending Catherine photos to identify the various rock formations. Just a standard trip to the beach for our family… can’t decide if that is a good thing or not. I also led the way for a rock scramble, determined to not let slippery seaweed stopping me getting a good view. You can see the photo here.

After the walk we returned home for tea/hot squash and cake. Mum had made Steff the most incredible birthday cake, which I think managed to go round the family, flat, course mates and possibly the CU as well. It was fairly huge and darn tasty.

Large Chocolate Owl Cake
Twit Twoo!

The parents left fairly soon afterwards, leaving Steff and I to finish off leftover Chinese takeaway and fritter batter. And watch more chick flicks on Netflix. And then sleep.

Sunday was somewhat predictable. We made yummy buttermilk pancakes (again from Friends Food Family) for breakfast before heading out to church. It was my first time at Steff’s university church and I did find the service structure a little strange. But every church is a little different so I shouldn’t be that surprised. After lunch we then headed back to the flat, grabbed my bags and taxied to the train station for my train. And before I knew it, I was back in Wiltshire and recovering from a fantastic weekend with my little sister.

Thanks to The Golden Dragon, Sasha Wilkins, the Toby Carvery, Parklands and First Great Western for such a fantastic weekend. And thank you to Steff for putting up with me and my parents for taking us to the carvery.


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