My First Drop-In Networking Session

Workwear for the stylish amongst us.
Top: Tu at Sainsbury’s, Trousers: Betty Jackson at Debenhams, Shoes: Next

Yesterday I did something that I think was both brave and crazy. I went to a drop-in networking session run by Wessex Chambers, in the hope that I could meet local, independent retailers. Unfortunately, though I met lots of interesting people, the fashion retail sector seemed to be somewhat unrepresented. But everything has a silver lining and I did manage to collect a few tips on making contacts from people there. And, though I was terrified/nervous, it was a great experience in terms of growing up from student/graduate to the business world.

Turning back to my outfit, which is what you’re all really interested in, I definitely picked the right clothes. I walked in and was instantly spotted by the organiser, Lucy. She then asked if I was the blogger who had inquired via Twitter (I had seen a tweet about the session). Whether it was the fact I wasn’t wearing a suit or the denim jacket draped over my handbag. I apparently looked like a blogger. While that wasn’t the look I was purposely going for, it was nice to be recognisable from first impressions. I also hope that, minus the denim jacket as my comfort uniform, I showed that you can dress smartly without wearing a suit. The top you may recognise from one of my 70s posts (here) as being sheer. On this occasion I wore a black camisole underneath it to increase it’s modesty and smartness while the trousers seemed like the logical partner.

Sneaky hidden wedge

And my shoes… I have to gush about these! I brought them for a wedding two years ago, to change into when the dancing started. They did give the blisters to start with but now I’ve worn them in, they are my best friends for smart occasions! The patent keeps them looking sleek instead of girlie, the tiny wedge adds enough height without being uncomfortable while the bow adds interest. I just love them! Plus the inner sole is padded so I don’t even suffer from flat feet due to wearing hard-soled ballerina flats. Shoes heaven (almost)!

So now I’ve stopped gushing, there you have my first real business outfit. What do you? Where do I need to improve? Can’t wait to hear from you. 

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