Me, Myself and You

Annabel and I chilling out in the countryside. This is actually a meadow with woody areas.
We love a good walk when together.

For anyone who has noticed I’m a creature of habit, and therefore shocked I did not post yesterday, apologies. I was distracted by hanging out with one of my best friends during the day and then was invited to a local play by a young gentleman (and that’s all I’m saying). So in all the social busy-ness I realised I hadn’t posted.

However, I did at least manage to do a style shoot with Annabel, the best friend in question. I have known Annabel and Catherine (introduced here) since sixth form and we’ve become something of a triple act. On this occasion Annabel was spending the day with me, under the illusion she would be taking the photos. But when you have such a gorgeous, unique friend, it would be a camera not to share her style with all you lovely people.

So without further adieu…

Annabel is modelling her ‘uniform’.
I forgot to ask her where the top and shorts are from but the brogues were Primark.
I’m modelling something a little braver than normal. Annabel does that to me.
Shirt: Primark, Top: River Island, Skirt: Debenhams, Necklace (covered by hand): The Gothic Shop

 I am shocked we both look so awake in this shoot as we hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. You see, Annabel was staying with Catherine to house hunt as they’re moving in together soon. I went over to see them Thursday night, and due to various train-related factors, ended up kipping on the floor. As Catherine had work we were up at 6.30AM only to miss our train home… so we walked back, which took an hour! So having the energy for this shoot is something of a Weetabix-fuelled miracle.

Just like Catherine and I, Annabel’s style is once again very different. While I went for a high/low mix up on this occasion in monochrome, she was wearing her usual style of feminine androgyny. And she pulls it off so well. You can see why I insisted she appear in a few photos. And her outfit still maintains a degree of modesty, with the opaque lace top and high waisted shorts preventing anything from being on show. For myself, I’ll admit my skirt might be a bit on the short side but I feel the long sleeves of the shirt make up for it, along with the canvas pumps. The top was one of my buys from Bristol Fashion Week and is fantastically comfy due to the very loose cut. (Even my mum approves of it!)

So there you have it. My monochromatic high/low mix alongside Annabel’s feminine androgyny definitely creates an interesting dynamic. My next plan is to have both Catherine and Annabel in a shoot… Now that would be fun!

So much fun, though not sure where the energy came from.
Kudos to Annabel for the photography skills though.

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