March Praise Post

March Praise Post
I’ve turned my Monthly Praise Posts into a link up to encourage you (yes, you) to write up your own post about what God has been doing in your life this month. You can find out more below.
What is it about me and the need to be constantly busy? I did not have a single free weekend in March and ended up making myself somewhat ill. It could have been the late nights trying to work on the blog or the 6am starts for work. But enough moaning and on to the praising. As always with a monthly praise post, this is my chance to take everything that has happened in the month and thank God for everything He has done through March.
So what was I up to throughout March that kept me so busy and exhausted?
  1. I’ve been trying to use my lunchtimes at work to either work on the blog or to read through my handbook for learning to drive. On this particular occasion, I was working on a social media plan for the blog and trying to figure out how to use the various platforms I have profiles on. I’m always amazed by how much work goes into running a blog but somehow I manage to keep going and I have to put it all down to God’s grace.
  2. The first weekend of March I spent the Friday night sleeping in the cloisters of Salisbury Cathedral to raise money for a homeless charity. The charity is called Alabare and run a shelter in Salisbury for those who need a place to sleep and eat in the city. It was an incredibly cold night but with my blankets and sleeping bags I was still sleeping in more luxury than most of the homeless we were raising money for.
  3. Fruit tea! I love my fruit tea and when my friend decided to send me a big box of different fruit teas for me to enjoy. This particular one was a chocolate flavoured berry tea so a new one to me. I must confess that I am now in love with chocolate teas, including having bought a big box for work to get me through the days when I’ve just had too little sleep.
  4. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me using the hashtag #TolkeinMarathon over a weekend. I spent three days with Annabel and Lottie working through all six of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings extended editions. It was a little bit insane but we had takeaway, chocolate, lots of tea and good company to get us through. Plus who doesn’t love a little bit of Aragorn? Or a little bit of Tolkein theology? I’m sorry but Gandalf is a total Jesus-figure!
  5. I had a go at a little DIY as well in March. After a lot of searching, and possibly a little bit of praying, I eventually found the correct black cardigan I had been looking for. It just had one problem; there were buttons on the cuff where my wrist braces should sit. Simple solution: I cut off the buttons that were in the way. Sometimes you just have to pick up the scissors and cut the thread.
  6. Yay I managed to get my sunglasses out due to a genuinely sunny day! Since then, I have had them out on numerous days, particularly when driving into work. I am so happy that we are starting so see sunnier days but it’s still not quite warm enough to leave my coat at home. Here is to warmer days coming soon.
  7. Another of my busy weekends was spent with the kids from the youth club I help with on a short holiday in Devon. I celebrated the end of the weekend with a pile of mussels cooked in cider fresh from the coast. It was absolutely delicious and the perfect way to end what turned out to be a fun weekend with a bunch of pretty amazing kids.
  8. There is nothing quite as wonderful to come home to after a stint at the gym than a home cooked meal. So when I walked in to discover my dad had cooked roast lamb and that there was already an open bottle of wine on the table, a massive smile crept on to my face. While I can’t wait to move out of my parents’ house, it definitely has some perks too.
  9. When scrolling through Instagram, I regularly see photos of the colourful houses of Totterdown in Bristol against beautiful blue skies. So when I came across this house the other day, I decided it was time to show just how beautiful the buildings were around my neck of the woods. And when the sky is just that blue, it would be a waste not to share a gorgeous day with the rest of the Instagram-using world.
So March might have been incredibly busy but it also created a lot of fantastic memories. From discussing the theology of Lord of the Rings through to raising money for the homeless, it has been a ridiculous month. However, God was working through everyday and walking with me. He even gave me the opportunity to pray with some of the kids I work with. It has been an incredible month.

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