Laid back take on smart trousers

Laid back day off!

Style notes|| Trousers: Betty Jackson at Debenhams, Top: British Heart Foundation, Belt: Marks and Spencer, Shirt and Shoes (not visible): British Red Cross, Necklace: Gift

You may recognise the shirt from today’s OOTD. It’s a favourite of mine and appeared as part of my geekiest outfit ever – the Superman element as the plaid reminds me of Smallville. Today I’ve paired it with a simple black combo of a strappy top and my new trousers. Despite this being a very casual outfit, the trousers were actually for my interview in London. (Check out my excursion here.) The trousers were fantastic as they’re really quite smart and tailored yet feel like you are wearing joggers. Hence, they’re a flexible addition to my wardrobe for work and play. As the fashion mags say, that’s cost-per-wear!

To break up the jumpsuit illusion of a black top/trouser combo, I’ve added in a clashing navy belt to tie in with the blue of the shirt. It’s not quite tight enough but it adds a great contrast to the blackness of the basic outfit.

What do you think? Too oversized on the shirt/jacket front or sleek and relaxed? Let me know your views, even if it’s that I’m wearing too much black for summer… or too little! I’d love to hear what you think.

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