It all started with a look…

Top: Oasis
Shrug: Topshop (secondhand)
Jeans: Marks and Spencer
Necklace and Shoes: British Red Cross
Earrings: Argos
My attempt at a fake undercut

My new hi tops. (mens size 7 = ladies size 8)

So this week’s outfit post was inspired by a fluke glance while working in my favourite shop. Just as I was heading upstairs to sort through some donations at the Red Cross, I caught sight of these beauts in the men’s ‘department’. Okay, so there technically men’s shoes but when you’re a size 8 girl living in a size 6 world you’ve got to find the loopholes. Trainers of any kind are great for it as they’re basically neutral on the whole gender thing, especially if you’re not a pink fan, so I’ve started buying men’s size 7 and 8s. A bit snug but better than than none at all. Plus the clashing cobalt and black is great and goes with almost my whole wardrobe.

Combined with the fact that I’ve watched Streetdance and Streetdance 2 recently, my new hi tops got me thinking about hip hop and proper ‘street style’ (Keep your eyes peeled for a post on it). So this outfit isn’t exactly ‘street’ but I did get some inspiration from watching the films. The clothes are all about being easy to wear and easy to move in. There’s no point looking fabulous if you’re going to break something on the dance floor. So with that in my head, I dug out my old, slinky cobalt top and black shrug to tie in with the colours as well as the danceable theme. The pink chain just added a slight colour pop, and it’s all the pink you’ll see me in, while the earrings added a little touch of bling.
But when it comes to any kind of dance, you can’t forget the hair. Most professionals simply tie it up and out the way, e.g. the iconic ballerina bun. But hip hop and street dance are so varied that there is no right way. With this free rein, restricted only by dancing, I tried out the fake undercut I had seen in Look a few weeks ago. Simply pin back the under side of a low side parting and let the rest flow free. (Look suggested gel to keep it sleek but I didn’t have any.) To keep with the street dance motif, I didn’t even straighten my fringe, letting it flick outwards. Of course, having out in all this effort, I had to test it out so I stuck on the Streetdance soundtrack and had a little rave in my room (I know, so cool). The final picture below shows how my hair survived after being spun all over. Barely a hair out of place. If you ask me, it looks even better.
The undercut passes the dance test

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