Introducing || Hashtags Galore!


In the big wide world of blogging, it turns out that social media is a pretty big deal. The stats I get from both Blogger and Google Analytics are proof of this, considering how lowly they can dip if I forget to update my Buffer with scheduled tweets (note to self: must update Buffer). It’s also a great way to let you guys know what I’m up to between posts; lets face it, you might not want to read a blog post about every outfit I wear but a quick Tweet or Instagram is so much more accessible for everyone. After all, the human race is has a default setting of being nosey, which social media has capitalised on. So in an attempt to aid you in your nosiness and share a little extra, I have created three new hashtags.


You may have already come across this particular hashtag here but I thought I would share it with you again. As part of my attempt to provide modest alternatives for our wardrobes, I’m sharing some of my outfits on Instagram and Twitter with this hashtags. If you have an outfit that you want to share as an addition to modest wardrobes everywhere, use the hashtag so I can have a look. I’m always on the look out for more modest style inspiration.


You’ve seen the posts introducing Catherine and Annabel, my best friends all the way from sixth form days. You have probably noticed that we all have quite different styles, which is probably a reflection of our approaches to life. Well, I’m now happy to announce that I’m going to be reporting on my adventures with these lovely lasses more regularly as they now have their own hashtag. We may have all lived in cities at various points but at the end of the day we are most definitely rural girls. So this is my way of sharing something of the joys of being rural… or a guide on how not to be a country bumpkin. You tell me which.


Back in January I admitted that at the age of 22 I still cannot drive. That’s a big issue here as it means I am reliant upon trains if I want to go anywhere decent out of my own town. For example, when I go to #BlogClub I’m one of the first to leave in order to catch my train. As it is entirely a problem of my own making, I am naming and shaming myself in an attempt to make me learn my theory. (Yes, I failed first time round!) So if you want to follow me as I try and figure out this whole driving malarkey, you know where to find it. Or if you want to give me any tips, you know where to leave them. Franky from Love Audrey has already been joining in the chatter here.

So those are the new hashtags in use here at CounterCultural Cottage. Feel free to use them- the more the merrier- or chat with me about them. I’d love to know more about how you deal with styling a modest wardrobe, your own rural or urban adventures and even your adventures driving. So go on, get in touch either in the comments below or via a hashtag. Let’s start supporting each other throughout our days.


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