Introducing From The Archives: The New Colour Mash-Ups!

From Look Magazine (scanned pages from the archives)

Almost seven months on from the birth of Counter-Cultural. Counter-Couture, I’ve decided to introduce a new series to the blog. Focusing more on the fashion features in many of the magazines I read, in contrast to the features and events I feature in AOTW,  I will be drawing on my hoard of magazine articles from the previous year. I’ll be trying to match up the seasons but I can’t promise.

Unsurprisingly to anyone who has been following C-C.C-C, my first archived article is from an issue of Look Magazine. Although I am a big fan of black due to it’s wearability, I love colour in fashion but struggle with knowing what to wear together. The joy of this article in 2013 was that it appeared to throw away the style-colour rulebook. It even said that red and pink could be worn together, and almost 12 months later they are still saying that. Such a tearing up of the rulebook was, and is, a cause for celebration amongst the colour-deprived.

And it has led to some wonderful combinations of my own. My favourites were my khaki-purple combination and purple clashed with burgundy. (If you didn’t guess, I like purple!) Who knows what will be next? Maybe I will dare to mix green with orange… 

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