Inspired by the DC Trinity: my geekiest oufit yet

Smallville and cacti… kind of sums me up

So today’s outfit is my chance to let me have a bit of fun, taking inspiration from one of my favourite fictional universes (or should I say multiverses?). Yes, today’s outfit has been inspired by the wonderful DC Trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman who have entertained me over many hours for several years. Plus it’s super comfy to spend the day in, even for typing up blog posts.

Shirt (size 20): Orvis via British Red Cross, T-Shirt: birthday present, Jeans: M&S, Belt: Red Cross, Shoes: New Look (men’s)

Doesn’t Princes Diana look so cheeky peeking out my Smalville-esqe shirt!

Clip: childhood, Earrings: birthday present: Necklaces: Argos in the 00s

So how is each superhero included in this outfit and what takes it from being geek to chic(ish). Well, Wonder Woman is the obvious place to start. You may recognise the top from my very first post and it’s one of my favourites, on account of it’s softness and comic book pedigree. It’s the perfect top for a day doing jobs in town or just hanging out at home. But what about her male counterparts, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne?

With Superman’s background as a Kansas farmboy, a plaid shirt was my choice. It helps that Smallville– the TV show about Clark Kent’s teenage years and one of my favourites- features a heavy amount of plaid shirts, typically worn by the boy himself. I promised to include this shirt in a shoot back in December and it’s since become a favourite item. A size 20 brushed cotton shirt by Orvis, it is one of my greatest purchases from the designer (yes, really!) rail at the British Red Cross. I love the overszied-ness of it and how flexible it is. I can knot it the front to make a cropped, western top, belt it like a tunic or just sling it on as a jacket. Now that’s cost per wear!

And how about my favourite Dark Knight? Well, Batman has the most subtle of all nods but nonetheless purposeful. The very small silver earrings are in fact BATS! How cute is that?! They were a birthday present from a friend who understood my comic book and gothic sides too well. So that is my geekiest outfit ever.

The only other thing to add is notes about my choice of accessories. The red clip screams 90s/00s school girl charm, which is probably when it hails from, and I just fancied two necklaces. The cross is one of my favourites while the crystal pendant is a hint at what happens to Lana’s in Smallville…

Yes, I am that much of a geek! Any of you out there able to sympathise? What’s your geekiest outfit to date?

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