If Rizzo had been a goth now…

Morticia Addams x Rizzo? Felt the neckerchief gave it a 50s/Grease feel.
Coat: Housemate hand-me-down
Neckerchief: Unsure, possibly a grandparent
Top: New Look
Skirt: Debenhams
Leggings: New Look
Looking slightly more dishevelled by the end
Earrings: Convent Garden stall
Necklace: The Gothic Shop

So today I made my first excursion beyond my parents’ garden in search of a shoot location. And all because I choose a mostly black ensemble. When selecting items from my wardrobe I chose to follow  my gothic urgings and select my favourite dark delights. Very much a daytime outfit when worn with leggings and boots, it doesn’t take very much to switch it up for the evening (spare heels and tights in the car) with a few beauty adjustments. I have the perfect lipstick to match the heart in my dragon necklace. Gothic glam without the couture price tag.

I admit not all the photos are totally flattering. The middle one is as much due to the top as my awful (but slowly improving) posture. The style of top is double layered with the top layer draped across so it hangs down, just covering the troublesome stomach area. Doesn’t give you a slim figure though when it’s windy. I paired it with a black and silver brocade body-con skirt that I’ve had a few years now. I always considered it an evening skirt but over summer I’ve reconsidered it’s use and added it to my day wardrobe for a bit of glitz’n’glam. Not a traditionally gothic combination but I only float around the edges of this particular sub-culture (still looking for the courage to dive in).

It’s my choice of accessories that really give this all black ensemble a case of identity crisis. My dual dragon heart necklace definitely has a gothic vibe to it. It embodies fantasy, emotion and dark/light duality in its design. Yet I paired it with a red, grey, black and white neckerchief reminiscent of Rizzo and Grease… hmmm, definite identity crisis. Fortunately for me, this mix up of identities works, leaving me feeling slinky, dark and mysterious.

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