Why being a Christian means breaking rules

I Just Wanna Break Some Rules

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So this post was originally going to be mega long and go through all the rules that I break on a regular occurrence. Then I got really bored and stopped writing it because it was going to be a total bore of an essay… and no one wants to a boring blog.

So what was this post meant to be about? Well, last summer I was obsessed with Charli XCX’s song Break The Rules and spent way too much time with it going through my head. Then I had something of a breakthrough. I realised that, although I don’t want to break the rules Charli was probably thinking about (you know, the standard rebellious, anti-establishment rule breaking), I do break a lot of society’s rules.

I don’t like to get drunk.
I choose not to have sex before marriage.
I choose to dress modestly.
I choose to believe in a divine being beyond the understanding of science.

What are these rules? Why do I break them on a regular occurrence? If you look around society, it is not as easy to spot as most Christians would have you believe. Rather, it is the expectations people have of students and “young adults” that form these rules. When I mention I’m spending the weekend or evening with friends, it is assumed that there will be alcohol involved. When I go shopping or read a glossy mag, I am surrounded by clothes designed to show off the latest erogenous or attractive part of your body

So what are the rules that I break? Not that I break them purposefully, or even obviously. Simply by making choices to not get drunk or not swear or not give up my virginity, I am breaking many of the assumed “rules” of today’s society

As Charli XCX’s lyrics so very clearly imply, it’s now the norm to go out and get “wrecked” on a night out. So why not join the CounterCultural revolution and choose to be a rule breaker? Leave your name in the comments and become part of the revolution!

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P.S.: I suck at breaking the rules and have been known to go along with the crowd. But I’m determined to become a rule breaker. How about you?

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