Hey there Sailor!

Navy and white-striped dress with denim jacket and green bag
| Dress: British Red Cross || Jacket: Wessex MS Therapy |
| Bag: New Look || Shoes: F&F
 Navy and white-striped dress
Since starting a job that does not come with a set wardrobe, I have fallen in love with dresses. I would love to pretend that this is to do with developing an effortless style that I have simply fallen into. Unfortunately, it has a lot more to do with the 6am wake up call and groping around for an outfit is so much easier when it only consists of one item. When paired with a denim jacket and seventies-style block heels, effortless style is created even when groping around in the dark.

Both my dress and jacket are amongst the charity shop gems I’ve discovered over the years. While you saw my jacket last week, I have yet to have given my nautical dress an outing here on CounterCultural. CounterCouture. It has been sat on my rail for over a year now and I have only worn it about twice. However, with the warmer weather I felt the time had come to give it another chance. The length does make it a little trickier in regards to the shoe department but my new heels from F&F gave me just the right amount of height to make it work. Plus I was able to show off my epic calves from all those reps on the leg press at the gym (can you blame me?). 
Beige 70s sandals
The stripes also worked in my favour. As everyone knows, vertical stripes have the most wonderful slimming effect. Anyway, when spring comes a-calling, who doesn’t feel like adding a little bit of nautical chic to your wardrobe?
Which trends do you go back to year after year? Are you a florals girl or into your stripes? Let me know in the comments below.
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