Haul: BFWSS14 freebies and buys

My first ever fashion week haul… Freebies galore and a few luxuries

On 28 March, at 9am (yawn), I was sat on the train headed to Bristol for a catch up with a good friend before heading over to Bristol Fashion Week for their Live Blogging show. I’ll be posting about the actual day, including cocktails organised by the lovely Gina, later (read: when my photos have uploaded) but before that I thought I’d share my BFW haul with you all.

So not much literature then… But I did get my first official bloggers pass.

As with any PR-esqe event, there was plenty of free literature to go around. Along with my bloggers pass and scene order for the actual show, I gained an event guide, competition number/form (I didn’t win unfortunately), and leaflet about the talented finalists in the John Lewis Students Prom Sewing Competition (more to come on that). To top all that, each attendee also received a copy of John Lewis Edition, which I have yet to find time to peruse.  

Well, they did sponsor Bristol Fashion Week, along with Marks and Spencer
Fortunately, this was not the extent of my freebie haul and I was impressed by its eventual size. Gaining new shampoos to try and a  new handbag brush is always a fabulous end to a day though the free foundation is more likely to be given to my sister… Grrrr, I really do not like dry, sensitive skin! But overall a fantastic collection that I look forward to trying out (even if I don’t have coloured hair… yet).

Free Samples in my goody bag (from back, left to right):
Glam’N’Soul Women (Natural Spray),
REDKEN Smooth Lock Shampoo and Conditioner, Seventeen On the Spot Foundation, Pantene PRO-V Coloured Hair Shampoo,
 L’Oreal Professionnel Paris Hairbrush, Carmex, Olay Total Effects Wake Up Wonder

I also came away with a free facial cleanse (amazing… pictures to come, products below) from Jericho and  make up from Liz Earle. Having your make up done for free is always makes me feel glamorous and sexy. But, rather annoyingly, by the time of the show I was being to itch my eyes where the make up was heaviest. Urgh, once again my very mild, unknown-ailment, genes for dry skin defeated me. But in terms of colour and affordable luxe I would recommend Liz Earle as a company.

My Liz Earle skincare and make up suggestions along with their catalogue.
Unfortunately, their eye make up made me itch within a few hours.

True to form, I did find time to spend a bit of money as well though not on anything that appeared in the show. In summer I live in denim and vest tops. But I’ve become slightly bored with my functional jersey vest tops. They may be comfy and practical but where is the glam/fun/vaguely-eccentric vibe that I love about clothes? So I bit the bullet and brought myself two tops slightly out of my comfort zone. I love both equally, they’re on trend and were in the sale so I was a happy girl! My monochrome buy from River Island needs a structured jacket with it, but owning a denim jacket makes summer styling easy. And both will be appearing on the blog in the near future!

Getting a little flamboyant at River Island
… And sleek in satin at Topshop

My final buy to share could be classified as a beauty haul in its own right. The facial cleanse I was treated to just before my Liz Earle makeover was courtesy of Jericho, a brand I had never heard of before. There were three stages to this cleanse and I was amazed by the result. The Miracle Noir Mask alone reduced my redness by 50% minimum, which boosted my self-confidence by 200% as I frequently do a good tomato impression. So I splashed out and brought the whole set for £90, but if used correctly they should last for ages so a good investment. And my skin has just got better since I’ve been using them. I suffer from red, sensitive, dry skin enough for my mum, who has eczema, to suspect I have mild rosacea. So anything that pumps the moisture back in my skin and reduces my skin to a tone similar to strawberries and peaches gets my vote. I’m definitely beginning to change my mind about investing in skincare products.

My luxury discovery of the day
Clockwise from left: Miracle Noir Mask, Cleanser, Dead Sea Salt Soap, Mineral Serum. Should have cost up to £160 but I was given a deal for £90… Bargain!

So that’s my Bristol Fashion Week SS14 haul. I’ll be posting about the actual day tomorrow so keep an eye out for the latest fashions at Bristol captured on camera.*

*For a precursor, check out my instagram.

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