Happy Belated Birthday

It’s been just over a year since CounterCultural. CounterCouture took over my life. And yes, I do mean took over. Had you asked me a year ago whether I could write a blog regularly every week without fail, I would have probably told you I could for a month until life got in the way. It turns out I have proved myself wrong a year in I’m still loving sharing my take on fashion with you, along with the addition of faith and food articles.

CounterCultural. CounterCouture’s (belated) birthday, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and share some of my favourite posts, events and story from year one!

My very first posts:
Trip to Stonehenge with James, The CBA Wessex Conference, Geek Luxe (my very first OOTD)
So many fashion posts sharing my penchant for the charity and alternative finds:
Gothic 50s shoot, Autumnal market bumbling, It’s all about the accessories,
My superhero homage, My everyday uniform, Daytime sparkles.
Cannot leave out my time at the Red Cross looking after the jewellery:
Jane in a vintage coat, My favourite vintage dress,
My necklace display, Steff with a top she picked out. 
I love writing article reviews and real should do some more:
My ethical jewellery dilemma, So tempted by this hair chalks review,
Massively craved East London after reading this issue.
Christmas time:
Racing penguins kissing, Baked gammon, Bath Market Toffoc guy
I’ve met so many people and been to so many events:
Steff and Chris receiving their commendations, Seeing behind the scenes at The Word Is,
My first Blog Club at Trunki HQ, Bristol Fashion Week SS14
My friends have featured almost from the start:
My visit to friend and guest blogger Fee (her post is here), Charlotte, Steff and Robbie in Keswick,
Annabel and I doing a shoot together, Catherine and Steff at my birthday party.
Travelling also appears to have snuck into a few posts:
Visiting the British Museum with Lottie and Sam, My mid-week solo London excursion,
When James and I got lost in Keswick, I found Habitat while in Lille with Mum.
I also had a go at a few DIY projects, against my better judgement:
Customised my pinboard, Made my own lip scrub, Created (with help) Game of Thrones dragon wings.
Another big influence in my life is food. I kinda like to eat:
My butter bean and mushroom stew at the Christmas Market, Moules frites in Frances,
Vintage lemonade and cake in Cambridge, Gluten Free delights at the Frome Independent.
My love of food was not demolished in 2014’s biggest challenge… #SugarFreeSeptember:
Rice noodle stir fry, Mushrooms and spinach with sausages, Protein pancakes (I now live off these),
Chilli with salad, sweet potato, mushrooms and houmous.

The two topics I haven’t mentioned but deserve one are those of (mental) health and faith. Two themes that are very close to my heart, this year would have been so very different without them. So if you get a chance, check out the articles relating to them. 

This last year has had loads of ups and downs but being able to share it with all of you makes it so much easier. So here is a big thank you from CounterCultural Cottage for helping me to see the fun/bright/happy/bloggable side of life. 

Happy (belated) Birthday!

Katy xxx

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