Guest Blogger: My Style and Being Christian

This month’s guest blogger comes from a very different angle to that of Fee and her dresses back in December. Rach is a friend of my younger sister, who we’ve been able to get to know through the family church. A bit of an outsider, by choice, Rach has developed her own style over the years, which has caused some controversy within the church at times. But having known other Christian Goths, I’ve always supported her choice to dress as she feels comfortable. Then again, when you put two geeks with gothic leanings together there is going to mutual support. (If you’re a fan of sci-fi and/or fantasy, check out her book.) I hope you enjoy the blog and I know Rach will be happy to receive any feedback. She also blogs for the Church youth group on a variety of faith-related topics.

My kind of style is gothic. However I like to believe I am gothic in my own way. Yes I wear lots of black all the time. But I do wear colour every once in a while. I spent four years trying to figure out what my type of fashion was. I am a tom boy, so I hate most of the girl clothing these days, so I stuck with men’s clothes.

Black Boots

Black T-Shirt

Black Coat

What I was watching on TV was helping discover what I like. In the end I really like long black coats. So I spent two years looking for the perfect one.

While I was looking for the perfect clothes, I was creating books characters that looked like the way I wanted to look. So I was basically putting my dream self in these books, but giving myself a different name. please check out my book the abandoned time keeper. (

I did this for year until I found my perfect outfits for me. When I found all the clothes I liked, I started to wear them every day, and get more of the same clothes so I didn’t have to wear anything different. So I had five black jeans and t-shirts.

When I started going to church wearing this, I actually started to wonder, can I be a Goth Christian. You don’t see many of them. So I started to talk with God about it, and I felt like he was saying you’re not finished looking. This isn’t it yet. I had no idea what he was talking about then.

However three years down the line, now I do understand. After Christmas I have been wearing blue jeans while wearing black, and wearing gothic jewellery. That’s how I believe I am gothic in my own way. Also recently I have been purchasing some lip studs.

The reason I wear this stuff, is because I was put into clothes I was not happy in. I was doing that for years. Then when I started to have my own style of clothing, it became so comfy, it was like when you spend the day in your new smooth pyjamas.  I will wear anything I am happy in. lip studs, black hats, trench coats, boots, I do not care unless I am happy in them.

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