Good Friday: The Death of the King

Under-vest: H&M, Grey tunic: British Red Cross,   Cardigan: Therapy, Jeans: Tu, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Today is Good Friday. To most people, that will have meant another bank holiday of lie-ins and sunshine. To me, Good Friday means something completely different. It is the day that Jesus Christ, who I believed died to save my sins, did die a horrible, agonizing death through crucifixion.

Such a day required a special outfit. Over the past few years I have learnt a little about the biblical meanings of certain colours, which I allowed to shape today’s outfit. Purple, i.e. the vest and cardigan, are indicative of royalty. Black, i.e. my jeans and shoes, are symbolic of death and sin in the Bible. (The grey tunic has been included within the black spectrum.) I chose these particular colours out of respect for the sacrifice of Jesus and for his position as King of Kings, to remind me as I wore them about what happened on Good Friday.

Of course, it helped that this was also rather comfortable and practical for a church service.

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