Glam birthday meal

 This year I was working on my actual birthday (another reason not to work in tourism… bank holidays!) but my family made this up for me with one of my favourite meals. Yes, Dad cooked beef  bourguignon with lots of creamy mash to soak it all up. And such a wonderful treat required a wonderful outfit to complement it.

My first photo, that I styled.
My second photo, which my sister styled.

 I chose comfy yet stylish clothes for the meal. We were staying in so I wanted to be able to curl up like a contented cat after a tasty meal. So leggings were the order of the evening! Paired with my faithful tweed skirt it is the perfect sloucy-smart combination and the black top is ideal for meals when a food baby is very possible.

My beautiful sister showing me how to pose.

My little sister came down just as Mum was taking the photos for me. So, in true sibling manner, she got involved and told me how I should be standing in order to look my slimmest. Hence the two photos above… which do you think looks better? She then pulled a pose to show me just how it was done.

Style Notes
Moi: Leggings- Next, Skirt- Handmedown, Top- New Look, Necklace- Church Christmas market
Steff: Shirt/dress-Debenhams, Leggings- Peacocks

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