Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Catherine and I having our ‘couples’ photo… well, she had one with her fella so it was only fair 😉

 Style notes
 Katy|| Leggings: forgotten (sorry), Tunic: Encore at Red Cross, Shoes: Next, Hairband: New Look
Catherine|| Dress: New Look, Leggings: Peacocks

This week’s outfit shoot was totally impromptu at the National Trust’s Lacock Abbey. As both my best friend and I had the Monday off (we both worked last bank holiday!!!) we decided to head out to one of the West Countries’ loveliest villages. Catherine’s boyfriend joined us and it was a great chance to get to know him even better… there were a lot of foodie conversations but he is a trainee chef.

Back to the clothes! I have a very different style to my two besties, Catherine and Annabel who you have yet to meet. Then again, they’re equally different. On this occasion we both went for our ‘uniforms’ for a day out. I love leggings and tunics. So comfy, practical and stylish without being too girly. The hairband was a last minute whim to keep my hair out of my face without having to tie it up. Catherine is something of a contrast. Still stylish and practical, she always goes for a much more girly/feminine approach to style. But that’s why we make a great pair- androgynous meets embodiment of femininity. I can’t wait for you to meet Annabel. Her style, once again, is totally different. Makes for fun shopping trips!

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