Getting back to God

If you read one or two posts from September (like this one), you may have noticed that summer was not the smoothest ride for me. Since then, I have been really struggling to get back to a place where I am able to be weak before God. Whether I have been relying too much on “strong women” quotes from Facebook or losing myself in yummy food, it’s been constantly upwards.

But, because He is utterly unconditional in His love, God has not let me go through this on my own. One of the things He has been pushing is some advice I was given back in first year of university by another girl in the Christian Union. Technically it was advice for break ups but it is full of wisdom for anyone looking for their relationship with God. I’m hoping that by sharing the advice I was given, I might re-establish it in my heart as I learn to trust on God’s strength whether I am strong or weak.

  1. Realise YOU ARE NOT at fault, or if you are, repent once then forgive yourself immediately and don’t bring up what God has forgiven.
  2. Lean on God, not on your own understanding. Praise God that He is working on your behalf behind the scenes, planning something you can’t work out. So do not even try to.
  3. PRAY yourself but if it becomes to difficult and painful, learn to trust. Small, short, patient prayers can be more effective than long, winning ones. Stop picking up what has been left and let go of. Just give it to Him. Pray in tongues (if God has given the gift of tongues).
  4. Prayer support: beg your friends and family to pray for you.
  5. Use the pain to drive you closer to God; sit, wait and receive His presence. Soak up His presence and love.
  6. Trust God: when it seems too hard to trust for the bigger things, trust Him in the small first.
  7. IMPORTANT IMPORTANT: Realise this is a season. You will not be there for long and you are WALKING through the Valley of Death, not staying there.
  8. Follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit and let Him COMFORT you.
  9. Important: Thank God for everything that you can possibly think of. It will keep you sane and happy!
  10. If you think God might be changing a certain area of your life, tell Him regularly that you are open and willing to what He wants to do.
  11. READ READ READ the Bible. It’s your protection so don’t go a day without it.
  12. Learn scriptures that are relevant to your situation and say them out loud when you are feeling the opposite to what they say. *powerful* 
      • I am beautifully and wonderfully made”
      • I knew you before you were born”
  13. Understand what you believe may not match what you see, but heroes hold on until they do match!
  14. Ask Christ for strength and do life in it.
  15. Speak yourself in Psalms – read out loud.
  16. Worship – He always deserves it.
  17. Get around other Christians who are encouraging.
  18. Carry on with life; get busy.
  19. Don’t sit around thinking about it (whatever your ‘it’ is)
Four years on and that advice is still so relevant. Writing these out makes me realise how little I have been relying on God and drowning Him out. I definitely don’t feel able to follow all this advice (it is a pretty long list). Instead I will be attempting to follow the ones that I can and slowly add more and more in. Something tells me that the first one I need to do might very well be #1. It seems logical somehow…
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