From the Archives: Out In New-Season Jeans

The denim to wear last year… what about 2014?

Who doesn’t live in jeans nowadays? Apart from those with a dress addiction, most people of all genders will admit that a good pair of denim jeans is a big staple in their wardrobes. So I thought it would be worthwhile checking out the recent trends for jeans, not least because most of my pairs are now ripped unfashionably. (Although I did pick up a good emergency pair of black skinnies for £15 from Dorothy Perkins.) Look, as always, was more than willing to provide the trends for 2013 denim. And as I love to charity shop, it’s worth knowing the previous year’s trends as they are what will be on sale. And then it’s just a matter of a few stylish alterations to be ahead of the curve, instead of behind it.

Take the green jeans, for example. My previous coloured jeans have been red and burgundy, but I am tempted to try out a green pair. To bring it up to 2014 standards, there are two routes you could take.

Option A) Wear lots of pastel lace and florals in complementary shades. Think sky blues, pretty pinks and crisp white shirts. For example, green skinnies and a white shirt, accessorised with pastels and chunky necklaces. Far too candy-coloured for me but I think it would work.

Option B) Use the coloured denim as an excuse to go down a more indie track. This is far more my comfort zone. Pick up a regular blue denim jacket/shirt or black leather jacket/gilet and combine it with a loose fit t-shirt or vest top, ideally in black or a similar dark tone. Wear it all with black lace-ups or slip ons. Proof that even in summer you can bring out a bit of grunge.

How would style up these trends from 2013 to make them fit for 2014? And what denim are you buying now? Ripped boyfriends or 70s flares? Embroidered trophies or frayed skinnies? Let me know. 

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