Fools, Sermons and Reevaluations

I did something that has shocked me to my core this bank holiday weekend. I have not spent every waking moment pouring over CounterCultural. CounterCouture, writing posts, improving my media kit, checking my analytics or updating my social media. Instead I have taken time out to clean my room (new bed and carpet!) and read Fangirl(you have to read it!). However, I have not clocked out from the blogging world all together. In fact, this Sunday I felt God was giving me a pretty big nudge in the direction of reevaluating the blog.


So why am I reevalutaing? 

When I started writing this particular blog back in 2013, I didn’t have a particular sense of direction. I was just someone with a chip on her shoulder about the lack of modesty available on the high street. Since then, the blog has evolved and my love for modest style with it. On top of that, I’ve found myself talking more openly about my faith as well as discovering that my inability to shut up about food extends to the online world. As you can see, not a clear sense of direction but more a mish-mash of my favourite things… well, three of them.
For the past too many few months, I’ve been feeling that I should stop and take a look at the blog. Where is it going? Is it taking me where I want to go? Is it going where God wants it? The biggest thing that has been bugging me is how “un-countercultural” the blog has become. From going to too many high street fashion events through to following the various health trends (I do love juicing though), suggesting alternatives to the trends has slipped down my list of priorities. Not fantastic for a blogger who put “CounterCultural” in her blog’s name!


Sermon of Fools

The big nudge I mentioned came in the form of the sermon I heard on Pentecost Sunday. Not your traditional Pentecost reading, Simon preached from 1 Corinthians 1 v18-25. His sermon focused on the idea of being a Fool for Christ and how the message of the cross is one of foolishness. Though the term counterculture never came up, the sermon was a push I needed to reexamine why I blog. 
Don’t worry, I won’t be posting any videos of me shoplifting naked (see St. Basil); I will be writing a series of posts looking at food, fashion, faith and how they all link up together. I’ll also be taking a better look at what each theme looks like when applied to a countercultural way of living. 
Let me know what you think of my thoughts about where I am taking the blog. Will you be sticking with me or would you rather I keep going as I have been? I’d love to hear from you.
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