First Day of Summer Outfit

Fit’n’Flare jeans with wedges are always a winner.
Nice bit of charitable jewellery from Madagascar

Style notes
Jeans: British Red Cross, Top: Norwich Market, Wedges: TU at Sainsbury’s, Sunglasses: New Look, Necklace: MAD International (at Soul Survivor)

So today was definitely the first day of proper summer that we have had here in sunny ol’Britain. During my driving lesson it was a breezy 17 degrees Centigrade. Afterwards I met a friend for a cup of (iced) tea in Boston Tea Party (the history geek in me loves the name) so something casual was the order of the day.

Jeans- denim in general- is a must for casual dressing. I love it at all times and seasons but in summer it really comes into its own. The same goes for wedges. This beige pair are a favourite of mine but for my tea-date I actually wore a pair of navy raffia wedge sandals… and consequently have open blisters and sore toes from slipping on the fabric lining. So my favourites are getting the blog mention instead. But back to happier thoughts. Wedges and flares are perfect for summer as they scream 60s/70s boho-hippie chic. Partnered with my beautifully drape-y top, I felt laid back in the most summery stylish way.

I have to admit that the long hair helps with the boho vibe but that’s not going to stop me getting the chop. And if you’re interested in seeing me with short hair then sponsor me to cut it off. It’s in aid of Lindsey Lodge Hospice and memory of my Great Gran and Grandma. So please do sponsor me at

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