Family Dinner: Stuffed Squash with Creamy Mushrooms followed by GF Apple, Pear and Cinnamon Crumble

You may have noticed back in September, that I was somewhat excited about a book release. That book was Friends Food Family by Sasha Wilkins, of After many evenings spent perusing the various recipes she has created, I finally tried out one. Stuffed harlequin squash with mushrooms in a cream sauce. Delicious and perfect for a light supper.

Sautéed mushrooms with thyme

Adding lots of cream to the mushrooms

Cooking the mushrooms was the easy part. Sliced up and sautéed with thyme, once they were soft all that was left to do was add the cream and leave it to simmer for a while.

Filling the squash halves was a little messy.

Cutting the squashes in half was a little trickier, and I didn’t stand a chance at trying to flatten the bottoms. The result was, along with a tupperware of seeds to toast, were unstable squashes with a handy cavity to hold the mushrooms. Unfortunately, as the photo above shows, unstable bases meant there was a little bit of creamy sauce on the loose. But I think I did well for a first attempt.

Did I like the creamy mushroom sauce?
Ummm, yes!

After sticking the stuffed squashes in the oven, covered with foil, I turned my attention to the crumble. This involved peeling and slicing lots of pears and apples. Not exactly the most exciting task but well worth the result- plus I was playing classic Fleetwood Mac and that makes everything better. Due to my inability to ever get my timings correct, I didn’t stir the fruit so it cooked unevenly but with lots of cinnamon. The crumble worked well, with cinnamon and flaked almonds* alongside the standard GF flour, sugar and butter mix.

My unevenly cooked fruit with a hefty dose of cinnamon.

I eventually managed to get the crumble mix on the fruit and get it in the oven. Shortly afterwards my squashes were done and ready to eat. If I were to cook this again, I would serve some simply cooked meat or other side with it as it is a small helping. However, as a late supper it was an ideal portion. Particularly with the crumble afterwards. My only complaint was the lack of creamy sauciness that remained, though that is possibly due to the amount that spilled originally.

Straight on the plate, smelling good!

Twenty minutes later and the crumble was done. Slightly al dente but so tasty. I LOVE cinnamon in a big way (check out Instagram for my GF cinnamon and chocolate cupcakes) so put slightly more than the recipe suggested in. Basically, both of these recipes need some work but are going into my repertoire. Easy(ish) and so so tasty, they also suit the various dietary needs I have to cater for regularly.

Now I just need to plan an autumnal dinner party to cook them again.

And we had enough for my lunch the next day…

*Note: This isn’t a great one for people with fruit or nut allergies. Make sure the fruit is cooked thoroughly as the allergens are destroyed in the process. Nuts, annoyingly, do not change so please stay clear if you are allergic. For example, I won’t be cooking this for my sister even though she loves crumble as several of these ingredients are on her list.

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