East London Cravings

Banishing Eastenders and Delboy stereotypes from East London

Confession time. This is technically a second AOTW but I loved April’s issue of Company so much that I just had to share it. And no, it’s not because Zoella is on the front cover… still trying to get the hang of the whole YouTube thing.

I simply had to share with you the massive cravings I’m having right now for some city life. And because of this particular issue, my obsessions have somewhat focused on East London. Including everything from where to dress to where to eat, and how to look good cycling in between, Company has made me want a slice of the transformed East End.

Moreover, who doesn’t want a slice of the start ups, creatives and new businesses? I may have only just left university but even in my first job I’m fed up with the corporate world (see here). So reading ‘Stars Of The East’ is a massive boost to my self-esteem. So I’m looking to make my move East, for work and play. Who else is with me?

P.S. Apologies for the lack of outfit post tomorrow. I’ll be at the Bristol Fashion Show and a cocktail party organised by SW_Bloggers. But no worries, there will be photos of it appearing soon!

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