Doing sheer modestly

Marilyn Skinnies: Marks and Spencers
Sheer top: M&S Women
Under-top: H&M
Shrug: Topshop (second-hand)

Necklace: birthday gift
Earrings: British Red Cross

For the last year at least, sheer materials like chiffon have been high on the list of materials deemed fashionable by ‘The Powers That Be’. So the high street and beyond has been subjected to tops that are designed to show off everything underneath while still having an over layer. Basically, it has become fashionable for women and girls to show off their bras without taking off their tops…

… Sorry but isn’t there something wrong with showing off your underwear in public? And isn’t it a tad unfair on our male counterparts to be flashing the very part of our bodies that supposedly sets their pulses racing? But there are two very easy options to cover up your bra and to protect your modesty. In this week’s outfit I chose the warmer option of layering a camisole underneath the top. Not only covering the entire stomach area, the extra layer also keeps your warmer. Seeing as how it’s rainy and chilly, it seemed the most practical option for today.

The second option is a bandeau. Though it only covers the basic chest area, so slightly less modest, it’s a great option for a night out or when we eventually reach the ‘heat’ of summer? The sheer layer covers the stomach area while the bandeau covers the bra, making it a great modest alternative to some of the slinkier outfits girls choose for a night out.

The rest of this week’s outfit is a fairly standard choice for a day doing jobs round town and at home. Jeans, something knitted and boots is my stand-by for days at home due to it’s comfy-stylish compromise. What could be easier?

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