December Praise Post

From top left across: Rocky Road Christmas Pud for the whole site Christmas party at Stonehenge,
the signs for the #NotAnObject shoot, my amaretto flavour coffee,
my highly varied fashion ranging from bowler hats to double denim,
one of my writer-themed Christmas presents (review already requested by Hayley),
my Advent Bible verses,
waiting for the bus to Frome.*

December was a crazy month but a fantastic one. For a change I actually felt festive throughout December, which does not happen. It may have had something to do with the fact that I went to three different Christmas parties and meals. It might have had something to do with all the baking, Christmas jumper-wearing and brilliant Advent calendar that my wonderful mother created for me. So without further ado, here is my December in pictures…

A Very Comfortable Month

I’ve was dropping the ball slightly on the style front during December, as I got swallowed up with stress the festive rush. Consequently, Christmas meals were about what was comfy and smart while home-time was spent in my fleecy penguin pyjamas and my chunky jumpers. But what else is a girl to do when she’s tired, cold and trying to get her head together as Christmas, New Year and new changes all rush headlong at her?

A Very Filling Month

 December definitely saw me turn to comfort eating in a big way. I purposely dropped the sugar-free ball (hence one of my 2015 resolutions and juicer purchase) and proceeded to eat mounds of food. From lentil dahl and sweet potato & parsnip wedges through to stews, ham and Christmas leftovers, my stomach has been in a very contented place. Unfortunately, due to the mounds of chocolate and cakes, I can’t say I’ve always felt brilliant as a result.

A Very Friendly Month

 I realised how many great friends I have during December. From meeting up with Annabel before she flew off to Australia for Christmas to the #NotAnObject shoot just before NYE, my friends have shown me so much love. In particular, I was amazed by how many people came to Kate (third photo) and my leaving drinks on 22 December. I am privileged to have made so many great friends and I am determined to keep in touch with them (you know who you are).

A Very Final Month

As you may have guessed, I have finally had everything work out so that I can move jobs! This means that after a year, month and eighteen days working for English Heritage, I am leaving Stonehenge for the big wide world! I’ve made so many friends, including some of the Starlings, Jackdaws and Rooks, that I am sad to leave them behind. A special mention should got to Karen for having given me lifts throughout as I can’t yet drive. So thank you Karen so much! However, as of the 5 January I will be an office girl, able to work in the warm and choose what I wear. I guess there are some perks.

So that was my December. I have purposely left out Christmas and the #NotAnObject shoot as I feel both deserve greater attention. But even without them, December has been a pretty fabby-tastic month (yes, it’s a word). I have loved almost every minute of it.

Come on January! Can you beat December?


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