December Praise Post*

December Praise Post*

I’ve turned my Monthly Praise Posts into a link up to encourage you (yes, you) to write up your own post about what God has been doing in your life this month. You can find out more below.

December was a crazy long month. Seriously, I swear that Advent was 48 days long rather than the normal 24. I have no idea how that happened but I think I’m glad that it happened that way. It turned out that December was a month of reflection and realisation. A chance for me to make a few decisions about who I wanted to be at university. So let’s celebrate December and all that God worked throughout it, even when we didn’t know.

  1. I wore this dress while going out with my course mates for a quiet drink. We had a brilliant time that evening, from drinking mulled wine at the red deer through to making garlic bread at Tom’s. It was also the night I decided that jeans and jumpers weren’t enough anymore. I chose to wear a dress because I like to dress up. It was the day I learnt something new about myself.
  2. I spent one weekend down in Norwich to catch up with friends. It was brilliant being reintroduced to the city I lived in for three years while celebrating one of my friend’s turning 25. From beautiful bars in medieval buildings through to tunnels of lights, that weekend showed me how much Norwich, my friends and I had changed for the best.
  3. It’s one thing to spend time in the library studying with your course mates. It’s another thing to share lunch between the group. Yet that is exactly what we do. It’s amazing! There is something special about sharing food with people that brings you closer together. It started as a way to save money. Now its just what we do. Oh, and Miriam’s sweet potato and chilli burgers were amazing!
  4. Continuing with the food theme, I made it to the Sheffield Bloggers’ Christmas meal at the Forum. There were delicious turkey sliders, salmon and avocado rolls, chocolate truffles and Bailey’s cocktails. But even better than that, I met some of the other bloggers in the area, including Bev and Lauren. Massive thanks to the Forum for providing us with such a delicious spread too.
  5. Mmmmm, garlic bread! It has become something of an iconic food amongst my friends. Even better when we make it ourselves by mashing garlic and herbs into the butter and smothering it over bread to grill. Its not be clean eating or raw or paleo. it is food for the mind and soul. A wake up call that sometimes we have to live and let live. Particularly if we’re ever going to enjoy the good things in life.
  6. More food! I really am such a foodie. I didn’t include this photo because its attached to any special realisation about myself. Instead, this sausage and veg tray bake was a celebration of easy and warming food. It was like an edible hug! 
  7. Eventually I wound my way home to Wiltshire for Christmas. Obviously this involved numerous catch ups with friends, not least including Catherine and Annabel. We had a fabulous evening that consisted of mocktails, lentil dahl, the Grinch and presents. This year Annabel had a thing for hats so I am now the proud owner of a wide brimmed leather hat for when we go camping in July. 
  8. Living so close to Salisbury means I have the privilege of being able to catch up with friends in one of the prettiest cities in Britain. Wandering with Lottie after we’d had our fill at Bill’s was a lovely chance to catch up and marvel in the glorious creation of our world. Stopping to admire the cathedral was a chance to take a breath, stop and enjoy. When I feel like I never have the chance to stop, these are the moments I treasure.
  9. After eight years, Catherine, Annabel and I have finally spent New Year’s Even together as a trio. It was meant to be a quiet night of making cocktails at Annabel’s. Somehow going out for a quiet drink turned into seeing 2017 in at the local Wetherspoons before heading to a club. It may not have gone to plan but that didn’t stop it from being a fantastic night. It was a reminder that spontaneity is something to be embraced, even when it ignores your plans. Something to remember with a new year coming.

So that was my December. From realising that I am no longer happy in just jeans and jumpers through to stopping to breathe and look around, it has been an interesting month. I wouldn’t say its been relaxing (urgh, essays) but it was fun. I hope 2017 is going to be able to live up to 2016!

This is also going to be my last monthly praise post. I’ve decided that I want to change things up a little bit and have room for a little more spontaneity in my posts. So keep your eyes peeled to spot the changes. And remember, this is your last chance to link up!

Monthly Praise Post Link Up

Now my favourite bit! For those of who you love to see what God’s been doing in our lives, it’s your turn to join in! Excited? I am! All you have to do is write up your own praise post and link it up at the bottom of the page (click on An InLinkz Link-up and follow the steps). 
However, if you could follow these pointers, that would be great:
  • Concentrate on the good things that have happened over the last month. That could be the obvious or even how God has turned a rubbish situation into a good one (like forcing me to take time to chill via my wrists).
  • Read the link that appears before yours. Maybe even leave a comment on the page so they know you’ve read it. Let’s build a community of Christian girls and guys celebrating with and supporting each other.
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