Daytime Sparkles in Violet

It’s all so sparkley… Oversized sequins combined with slouchy jeans and boots makes daytime glam.

I may not be the typical fashion blogger when it comes to my choice of shops and style but there is one thing I have in common with many others in the blogosphere… I love almost everything sparkly! This top caught my eye while I was tidying up the racks in the Red Cross shop. The poor thing had a massive hole along the bottom seam, making it practically unsaleable according to the manager. So I rescued, mended and hung it, knowing the time would come when it would shine. That time was Christmas and it was perfect.

Since then, sequins have been pretty much relegated to to the back of the wardrobe due to fashionable conventions that they are only for Christmas. But when it caught my eye on a day off, I knew the purple sequins were just the right thing after days of wearing my beige work coat to lift my mood. You can’t help but feel happy in something sparkly!

Cardigan: Therapy, Top & Jeans: Red Cross (under vest: H&M), Boots: Dr. Martens

To tone down the sequins for day/rural towns/Morrisons, my black bootcuts and longline purple cardie were just the ticket. Comfy, casual, chic but entirely ‘me’, I felt a world away from the gloomy, chilly weather. To top of the overly casual vibe I paired the outfit with my precious DMs, which actually passed maternal inspection by being under the jeans. (Apparently they almost looked smart!)

Pearl Necklace: Present from my dad, Pearl Earrings: Red Cross

My final touch of twinsetting pearl necklaces and earrings was a purely ironic touch, to play the English Rose against the Fashionista. Totally a personal joke, and a sad one at that.

Bag: Red Cross… I love the embroidered stripe!

A quick word on my bag. I’ve had it for a year or so now and I love it. A little small at times- my purse takes up the entire large compartment- but great for a drink with friends. And the best bit… it’s once again from my favourite shop, the Red Cross. It’s black and so simple that it’s timeless. So if you take one thing from this blog, take this… Never dismiss a charity shop before walking through the door!

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