D.I.Y. Lifestyle: Customised Pinboard

So who else is a fan of Pinterest? Ever since my best friend and fellow social media addict, Catherine, introduced me to it, I haven’t been able to get enough of pinning my way through my various obsessions interests. But while I’m organising my inner geek and fashionista simultaneously online, my life offline has been anything but organised. So I’ve decided to take the magic of Pinterest back in time and devolve to a good ol’fashioned pinboard…

But when you’re living in a room the parents have decreed shall be magnolia, you want to introduce colour anyway you can. So I’ve given my pinboard a bit of a twist with a (failed) attempt at customisation to add a bit of me to my room’s latest addition. And here is my step by step guide to how I achieved my personal offline Pinterest.

Step 1: The masking tape (should have been step 2)

So my first step should have been to sand down the varnished wooden trim to enable the paint to actually grip on to something. I was silly enough to not do this and went straight to masking the edges of the actual pinboard. This was to prevent the paint from leaking in/on to the pinboard and it did work, at cost as we’ll see later.

Step 2: First coat of paint. Chose a lovely aqua green to try and inject a bit of spring into my room.

More coats of paint. You can see the issue with not sanding down the frame where the paint is streaky.

Finally managed to get a complete coverage on all four sides… for now

So I’ve managed to get a decent coverage on my pinboard frame and it’s all looking pretty spring-like. I love the colour purely for how relaxed and chilled out it makes me feel. And when organising my life, being chilled out always help when you’re a worrier like me. The next step is to take off the masking take and decorate the pinboard.

Step 3 and 4: Taking off the tape and decorating the board. So pretty, even if I am going to cover it up.

 The above photo shows why I should have sanded down the frame. With nothing to clean to other than shiny varnish, the paint stripped off with the masking tape. So it looks far more shabby than chic but I’ve never been totally in favour of clean, sharp edges. The decoration was a result of me looking through my stencils and going for the ones that caught my eye. I like the abstractness of the dots and the flowers add the right hint of spring girly-ness.

Step 5: Dividing up my life

And now for the super-organised bit. I split my board up into four sections to try and organise my life that little bit better. Two of them, of course, were dedicated to fashion/blogging and my teashop dream. But more importantly, it makes a pretty addition to my room as well as feeling that bit more organised.

So what do you think of my little project? Have you done anything similar or have similar ideas? I’d love to hear about them.

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