CounterCultural Kitchen: Sweet Chilli Chicken “Slimming World Style”

Morrisons Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Ever since my unplanned trip to London Paddington’s Burger King in December 2010, due to snow and delayed coaches, I have had a massive soft spot for sweet chilli sauce. Unfortunately, most of the delicious creations made using this wonderful condiment are somewhat high in sugar and calories. As Mum and I have been trying to follow Slimming World’s guidelines, my sweet chili consumption has significantly decreased. Then, during my browsing of the SW recipe connection, I discovered my sweet chilli salvation.

Slimming World Sunday meal East Asian style

The recipe in question was for roasted sweet chilli chicken thighs. At only a few syns- Slimming World’s version of calories- they seemed to be the ideal addition to my healthy eating regime while enjoying my favourite import from East Asia. To stay with the healthy eating theme, there was steamed mangetout and baby corn with mashed sweet potato and butternut squash, plus a small amount of olive oil.

So what went in to the sweet chilli marinade for the chicken? Along with the sweet chilli chicken, there was garlic, tamari sauce and harissa paste. Having mixed together all the marinade ingredients, I tipped in the chicken and smothered it all in the deliciously spicy but sweet sauce. I’m getting hungry and the chicken isn’t even in the oven yet! That was the other beauty of this dish; it only took half an hour to roast the chicken. I was so happy with the ruby red colour, with no colourings in site, and the slightly charred appearance of the thighs.

A whole load of tamari sauce
Chicken marinading pre-roasting.

Oh, and did I mention that they also tasted delicious. 10x better than anything I could buy from Burger King. Or any other fast food chain you can think of.


Sweet chilli chicken, steamed veg and mash

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