CounterCultural Kitchen: M&S Curry Night

Mmmmmm, everyone loves a good curry night. Yet we are so often fooled into believing that a good curry has to be made with ready made curry pastes, even more butter, ghee or oil, and carbs piled sky high. Well, I have news for you healthy eating curry lovers. There is a non-greasy light at the end of the tunnel.

The other week I cooked up a feast of beef Rogan Josh and Bombay potatoes. I cooked it without a drop of oil, making it free for the three of us who are trying to follow the Slimming World plan. We served it up with some steamed broccoli- for once I actually ate it instead of juicing it- and added a little bit of naughtiness with crisps and wine… before Helen and I attacked my remaining Christmas stash of Disaronno. Maybe not the healthiest choice but it was most definitely a very fun night.

So why am I going slightly crazy over my curry? No, it’s not because I cooked it in Firelight to reduce it’s calories. It’s because of the Marks and Spencer spice packs I used to flavour the curry and potatoes. We’ve discovered that our favourite M&S in Bath has the equivalent of international food heaven in one aisle, from sweet chilli and mango sauce to Italian delicacies. They have the most incredible range of Indian spice packs for various curries and Bombay potatoes.

Marks and Spencer curry night

The preparation for the curry wasn’t hard but remember to read the recipe beforehand. On this occasion, the meat required marinading for at least half an hour in the first pack of spices and yogurt. There were then a second two packs of ground and whole spices to add at different stages; I may have missed the first stage but it still tasted great. The stranger part was that I had to blend the tomatoes but it actually made for a much smoother sauce for the melt-in-your-mouth tender beef. The potatoes were easy to cook as they had fewer stages of spice and no liquid ingredients other than water. I have to admit, it was strange having curry with potatoes rather than rice or naan breads. Then again, it’s fun to switch things up occasionally.

All in all, it was one of the best curries I have made in a long time. Blending tomatoes in definitely a tip I will be taking with me to my next curry night. However, the element that made it such a great night was definitely the company. For that I can only thank Helen for providing me with some great company. Impromptu dinner gatherings are always the best!


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