CounterCultural Kitchen || Matcha Latte

CounterCultural Kitchen || Matcha Latte

Anyone else notice the current craze for non-coffee lattes all over that forum for health food sharing known as Instagram? So chai lattes have been around for a while but now turmeric and matcha lattes are appearing. Once the Mae Deli started sharing pics of them, I decided it was time to test them out for myself.

So far, I have tested two methods of making a matcha latte. The first time around, I had a willing guinea pig to join me in this experiment. Annabel was over on a Sunday afternoon and while we were watching The Musketeers, I decided to try making a quick matcha latte. You can see a picture of Annabel enjoying her cup, with a typically cute expression, on Instagram. On this occasion, we mixed the matcha powder with almond milk and maple syrup before heating it through. The result was a bit on the bitter and “vegetable-y” side, so not the nicest cup of tea either of us had ever tasted. And believe me, we’ve tried a fair few teas between us! 

Since then, I’ve been using matcha sparingly in smoothies though I suspect I have not used enough to actually flavour it enough. Until the other day I decided it was time to give matcha lattes another shot at impressing me.


Unrefined Palm Sugar


This time around, I actually followed the recipe I had printed off during my latte research. However, this recipe called for stevia, honey or maple syrup and I had none of them in the cupboard. What I did have was a huge chunk of unrefined palm sugar. Not standard brown, muscavado or demerara sugar but sap from the sugar palm that had been allowed to crystallise in a big block. 

For the latte itself, I mixed the matcha powder with a little almond milk to form a think liquid. Having heated the rest of the milk, I whisked it into the matcha milk and palm sugar. The result was much sweeter than before, with still a “vegetable-y” taste but less of the bitterness. Not a drink I would have all the time but compared with how I felt when I got home from work, I would definitely say it was a much needed pick-me-up.

It’s your turn now. Have you ever tried to make a matcha latte, to any other non-coffee latte? And if you haven’t tried one yet, I used the recipe from Nutrition Stripped. I would love to know how they turned out so let me know in the comments below.


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    • Ooooh, I totally need to try them out. I’ve only just discovered the world of matcha and have a lot of experimenting still to do.

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