CounterCultural Kitchen: Chicken and Chorizo Pies (with a cheat topping)

Even with all the festive foodie goodness I’ve enjoyed over the last month or two, I’m still finding the time and inclination to try new recipes. I’ve also decided to give Sasha and her fantastic book a rest, though not for long, in order to test out the various recipe cards I have collected. Admittedly most of them are from Waitrose but I promise I only go in for the free coffee… what I come out with is entirely down to good marketing

Anyway, let’s get back on track. This month’s dish was a delicious chicken and chorizo stew that was turned into a “pie” with an easy cheat’s tip. By cooking the puff pastry separately, you can have the crispy pie crust without having soggy bottoms.

The stew itself was delicious. The chorizo was very subtle and worked fantastically with the rosemary, which I may have put too much in. It even had that slight shine that you expect from professionally-cooked stews, which I’m putting down to the little bit of flour the recipe calls for. Even more proudly, it was a great chance to work on my skinning and boning chicken method. Yes, that’s right. In order to save a little cash, I have taught myself to skin and bones chicken thighs with degrees of success.

This becomes a delicious stew… bit hard to believe.
In terms of the satisfaction gained from eating, this has been my parents’ favourite recipe that I’ve tested on them for the blog. Hardly surprising as both are big fans of anything containing chorizo, even better if that comes in a sauce. Dad appeared to adore the dumpling-like pastry and I must admit that dunking them in the stew did have a certain homeliness about it.
Basically, this is my best “new recipe trial” in a while. So, in the spirit of sharing, I’m challenging you to #BakeItForward. You can bake your own chicken and chorizo pie or something totally different. Simply bake something and then challenge someone else to #BakeItForward. Let’s spread a little baking love.
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