CounterCultural Kitchen: An Autumnal Addition

Who else loves a good salad? From around March or April, I become obsessed with making the perfect salad for my lunch at work. From a variety of vegetables, including radishes and peppers, through to different dips and garnishes, I love cramming as many textures, tastes and colours into my lunchbox as possible. But with the onset of autumn (I have finally accepted that summer is over), some changes are needed in the lunch department. I may not yet be ready to replace salad with soup (my winter failsafe) but it is definitely time to add some autumnal veggies to my lunchbox.

Roasted sweet potato, butternut squash and chickpeas

I love sweet potato! I also love butternutsquash! Oh, and I love chickpeas! So really it just made sense to use them as an autumnal addition for my salads. The question was how to prepare them for the salad, because I’m not such a fan of these particular veggies raw. I could have steamed them and created soft nuggets of goodness. Then again, steamed veg doesn’t tend to have much flavour to it. The other favoured option for root veggies is to roast them and it is a BIG favourite in the CounterCultural Kitchen. Even better, thanks to Deliciously Ella, I have discovered the wonders of roasted chickpeas.

Everyone knows that roasting veg adds tons of flavour but it is also a great way to add extra flavour. I melted the coconut oil in the oven beforehand and then chucked in my roast veg with cinnamon and paprika. Twenty minutes later and I took out the tray to scatter the chickpeas over, followed by another twenty minutes roasting. Et voila! 40 or so minutes later and I have a bowl of wonderfully soft roasted veggies to cool for my lunches that week.

If you fancy making this yourself, I’ve created a recipe card you can print off here. After all, what’s the point of creating tasty food if you can’t share it.


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