What’s Next For CounterCultural. CounterCouture.? || Have Your Say Survey

What’s Next For CounterCultural. CounterCouture.? || Have Your Say Survey

CounterCultural. CounterCouture. has been running for almost four years now. Four whole years! It’s absolutely crazy to think that since 2013 I have discovered this the madness that is blogging. What started out as my little corner to rant about t-shirts not being long enough has become a ministry for the ordinary woman. 

Four years on, CounterCultural. CounterCouture. is still about the ordinary woman. The one who can’t keep track of the ever-changing trends. The one who just wants to make sprouts as tasty as chocolate. The one who wants to live a biblical life in every season of her life. Most importantly, the woman who believes that all of these desires are connected. That they can be part of the same life.

The thing about life is that it isn’t just made up of one thing. It’s made up of all sorts, from the clothes we wear through to our holidays. They reflect everything from our ethics through to our favourite colours. Basically, us, women live a varied life.

All the colours of the rainbow rolled into the amazing women who make this world go round!

As CC. CC. has grown and developed, I’ve realised that I want the blog to reflect the varied life that we live. I also want it to reflect the varied women who read and follow it. The problem is that the “CounterCouture” part of the blog is really all about fashion. After all, I started out writing a modest fashion blog so it makes total sense. Yet as it’s grown, the less that CounterCultural. CounterCouture. has felt the right fit for what this has become. (I explain it a little bit here.) While I still enjoy writing about my style and looking at how modesty is really represented in the Bible, I’ve realised there is so much more to being a Christian and a woman.

What’s the next step?

Well, if CounterCultural. CounterCouture. is no longer the right name, then the blog needs a new name. It’s not just a blog anymore, though. CC.CC. has become bigger than modesty or recipes. 

My intention, as I’ve said so many times, is to turn this little corner into a ministry. I also want it to belong to the community who have been involved with the blog, from reading weekly posts through to checking out behind the scenes on Instagram. That means bringing you guys in on creating this ministry.

That’s why it’s survey time! Okay, I know that surveys can be really boring… or really long… and occasionally both. But sometimes we have to put in the hard work before we can enjoy the fun part. 

Hopefully this survey is more interesting than your standard blog questionnaire or review. However, there is one thing I have to confess before you take a look…

Blogging needs funding

Unfortunately, blogging and creating free content doesn’t provide a particularly stable wage. The standard answer to this: have a regular job and blog around it. The problem with this is that after working 8-9 hours, running a blog is exhausting. Literally, this blog runs on love and dedication.

The solution: find ways to simplify and fund blogging. That’s what I really want to ask you guys about. You’ll have to check out the survey for details but this is the basic idea: between crowdfunding and subscription, to enable the blog to be financially self-sufficient. A lot of big words to say that I want the blog to earn it’s keep. It is only worth doing this if you, the people who make CC.CC. worth writing, will join me on this next part of the adventure. 

If you’re interesting in being part of the adventure that is turning a blog into a ministry and community, then please complete the survey. I really want to know what you guys think  of CounterCultural. CounterCouture. and where you would like it to go. Even more, how do you feel about crowdfunding or subscription posts? 

You can find the survey here. You’re amazing for being part of the CC.CC. community.


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