CounterCouture: Modest Style #2

Skinny jeans! They have been at the forefront of denim fashion since I was in secondary school- the era of the emo- but they are now losing ground to the slightly looser boyfriend jeans. Yet I cannot shake one of my most poignant memories of skinny jeans.

In my first year of university, I lived in a shared room. My roommate was also a Christian and a far snappier dresser than myself. Her jeans were the skinniest ever and always looked amazing on her. I can remember one of the guys who was a regular in the flat commenting that she would be discussing beliefs like no sex before marriage while dressed in this super skinny, apparently distracting, jeans. He just couldn’t take her views seriously because of how she was dressed.

 At the time, I was not particularly interested in modest dressing. The short shorts I wore on nights out was testament to that. Despite this, his comments stuck with me and made me very wary of jeans labelled with ‘super skinny’. This memory has come back to haunt me so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Jeans are something that are worn by practically everyone. Well, everyone apart from my dad. Even better, the shops are getting better at selling a wider range of fits, lengths and waist heights. On top of this, denim is such a thick material that it is a gift to the modest wardrobe. So, in this age of plentiful denim, is it possible to be too skinny?

In a word, yes. Jeans are meant to cover you, to provide you with a covering so that you’re not walking around starkers. Consequently, when I see anyone (male or female) walking around in jeans so tight they could be skin, I question as to why they bother wearing them. But more than that, when jeans are too skinny, nothing is left unknown. Personally, I don’t want to know the exact shape of your calves or thigh. I don’t even what to know the shape of the hot-guy-walking-down-the-street’s bum.

I can already tell what your next question will be. What jeans can we wear? Can we not wear any skinnies at all? What about skinny flares? My advice would be just don’t choose super skinny. Even regular skinny jeans have a little bit of give in them, which prevents them from slinging like a second layer of skin. So whether boyfriend, bootcut, straight, flared or skinny is your cup of tea, make sure there is room in them for your pants. And if the jeans you love are a little on the tight side, there are always longline tops or tunics. They’ve prevented the public viewing of a VPL many a time.


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