Clashing Stripes

| Jeans and Top: British Red Cross || Cardigan: Cambridge Vintage Fair || Belt: Handmedown || Necklace: Gift || Wristband: Forgotten || Shoes: Clarks (mens) |

Last weekend was a little on the hectic side but I still found time to get a couple of photos in. I loved the way the blue stands out against the red of the door. I didn’t stray far from home for the shoot but sometimes you don’t have to.

My outfit as chosen partly for running around town and partly because I was just excited to be able to wear navy on my top half again. It’s been a fair few months since I owned a pair of regular denim jeans so I haven’t been able to wear any of the navy tops and cardigans that I own. Can you tell I was excited? And I know I’m not meant to clash stripes by all traditional style rules but recently fashion has been all about tearing up the rule book. Personally I think it worked but my sense of style isn’t always pointing true north.

What do you think? Are you happy breaking the rules or do you like to keep with tradition? Let me know in the comments below.


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