Clashing at the Cinema

Blue check shirts and graffiti pencil skirt with Doc Martens and Trilby

Anyone else know what to do with the weather at the moment? From sunshine to raining, via cloud, it can be quite difficult to know how to dress each day. My solution has been to ignore the weather and dress how I want but that has caused a few disasters. From being soaked because I chose my denim jacket over my raincoat through to sweaty hair from wearing one of my hats on a sunny day. But sometimes you have to accept that you’ve misjudged the British weather and just go with it.

Blue check shirt, graffiti pencil skirt and perfume bottle necklace

I did actually end up ditching the hat for the rest of the day as it was one of those days where I misjudged the sun. No one likes to have their hair sticking to their forehead! However, the contrast between the checked shirt and graffiti skirt somehow worked – or at least in my head – so I kept it for going to see Mission Impossible 5 and dinner at Chiquito. Though the skirt does have a habit of riding up when walking, I think it is one of the comfiest cinema outfits I have worn in a while.

In terms of the pattern clashing, I seem to have picked up on my favourite contrast of rural and urban again. This time it was a total accident from pairing two of my favourite items together. But if we’re honest, you don’t get much different than checks and graffiti so I’m putting the combination down to similar(ish) colour schemes. Either way, I loved this particular outfit and it felt good to be back in something a little different to what everyone else wears.

Black fedora/trilby, graffiti skirt, checked shirt, perfume bottle necklace

But what do you think? Do these patterns work together or I have taken my particular brand of creativity too far? Let me know in the comments below. Even better, why not share some of your favourite creative outfits too.


Style notes|| Skirt: Amazon || Shirt: British Red Cross || Necklace: Encore at British Red Cross || Hat: Ebay || Shoes: Doc Martens

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