Christmas Wish List 2014

Now that I have my family almost completely sorted for Christmas- just mother and the grandparents left- I can share a few of the things I’m hoping to find under the Christmas tree. Not including the three books I plan on buying while I still have my staff discount. And it’s something of a long list that seems to keep growing, though I seriously don’t mean it too. I’ve had a go at making it more concise but failed…

  1. I was given a rucksack as a Christmas present during my final year of university. As a keen cyclist, I found it fantastic for transporting everything from laptops and library books to my weekly Aldi shop. However, it broke this year and I have been rucksack-less. I’ve even been using a vanity travel case as my work bag. I found this particular one on the Cotswold website while doing a quick search. It’s designed for hiking so durable and comfortable, which is more important than style when it comes to rucksacks. Plus enough pockets for even someone like me to be happily organised.
  2. I’ve noticed more and more recently that my little digital camera is somewhat out of place at blogger meets. Everyone else has this big DSLRs while I have my tiny, but loved, camera. It’s made me seriously want my own DSLR so it has gone on my list. However, I do still have some doubts as to whether I actually need one or not.
  3. I’ve mentioned this pleather skirt before, after I saw it at Company’s Bloggers Style the High Street. I love the idea of a leather or pleather skirt as the epitome of sassy sleekness while the pencil shape makes it office-appropriate (hello new job!). However, I don’t feel I can justify a new skirt quite yet. So Mum, if you’re reading this, please, please, please!
  4. I totally blame Sasha Wilkins and Rachel Holmes for this present idea. A combination of hating having to use the microwave, partially out of laziness, and wanting to try more of the recipes from Friends Food Family, I really want a food thermos. I can just imagine going on long walks with Annabel and Catherine armed with a flaskful of soup or stew. We’re so easy to please. This model comes with a spoon in the lid, making for even less space taken up in my bag (rucksack?).
  5. This is the only bit of music on the list and I have to confess I do not own any of Nina Nesbitt’s albums. But when I heard her at BSHS, I found I really liked her style of music and instantly added her to the list. She was just so chilled out and I love acoustic music without all the trappings of modern music production. I would be happy with any of her albums though I suspect the music I heard was from her latest album, Peroxide.
  6. I am a bit of a collector of all things Arthurian- a.k.a Merlin and King Arthur- and, having read Of Mic and Men, happy to try anything by John Steinbeck. So when I discovered The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights, while wasting time in Ravens Hunting Books, I had to add it to the list. Honestly, I might not get round to reading it for years months but doesn’t stop me wanting it to add to my collection.
  7. I read Dune a few years ago and found the world created by Frank Herbert compelling. However, with so many other books I never got around to reading the sequels. The other day I managed to find the third one in the series for 60p but without the second one it feels wrong to buy it. Thus, Dune Messiah is now on my list purely because I want to read all three in quick succession. 
  8. What can I say about The Borgias? I have season one on DVD and love it! In fact I love it so much I even read a biography on Cesare Borgia afterwards. Need I say more? Oh yeah, it stars Jeremy Irons who is ranked with Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen. Basically, he is just brilliant.
  9. The Blind Assassin was something of an impulse addition. I came across it while in a charity shop, where I ended up purchasing a book on Merlin instead, and liked the sound of it so much that it has also gone on the list. Dad has joked that it’s a little high brow for me but I’m always up for a challenge.
  10. Smallville is one of those shows that left a permanent mark on parts of my life. Just like Friends sums up dinner time TV throughout years 7-9, Smallville was my GCSE and Sixth Form staple. I couldn’t believe it when it ended so now I’m collecting the series. And when it comes to collecting a TV series, you need all the help you can get.
  11. The Great Food Collection (20 Books Set) by Penguin was a blog discovery, I think from Tea Coffee Books on Tumblr. I love food, in case you hadn’t guessed, and I have been brought up by a man who learnt to cook from Elizabeth David’s cookery books. Thus this book set is ideal for me, combining everything that I love about food, from its history to international cuisine. I might have to buy this if I’m not given it…
So that was my Christmas wish list. A little geeky, a little active and a little blog-themed. What does your’s look like?
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