Chilling in Suffolk

Wearing a grey marl top, black biker style jacket, mini skirt, leggings and blue slouch boots

Slogan t-shirts and slouch boots. They just scream chilled out weekends designed for wandering around town. This particular weekend was spent at my grandparents in Suffolk- hence the change in scenery- so was a great chance to just unwind and leave the stresses of my everyday life behind. However, spending time with my grandparents also means that jeans have to slip off my to-pack list as skirts become the norm.

So what’s a girl to do when she wants to unwind and wander round market towns but jeans are off the menu? Leggings and a skirt! I absolutely adore leggings, so long as your behind is covered, and they are the perfect alternative to jeans for a relaxed weekend. Thus, they allow me to kill two birds with one stone. I do just love a multi-tasking outfit.

Dream without limits Love without fear slogan tee and green heart pendant

To top off an already excellent outfit, my slogan tee was a recent purchase with a message. I’ve never really bought into the slogan trend but when I saw it in New Look I just had to buy it. With everything I have been struggling with recently, the idea of dreaming without limit is something that really appeals to me. It acts as a fantastic prompt to keep hold of my dreams but also reminds me that you still need to act to make your dreams a reality. If I only had to dream to create a reality, I would be the owner of a small tea/bookshop in Cambridgeshire.

Returning to the actual outfit, the boxy shape does make it a little more hard to style. It is ideal with a high waisted skirt but also looks great loose with a pair of jeans. Basically, it is a brilliant addition to my weekend wardrobe or even Friday workwear. I’m definitely looking forward to more chilled out weekends combining this tee with the rest of my wardrobe.

So that’s a small glimpse into my weekend attire, as well as how I dress around my grandparents. How about you? What does your weekend wardrobe look like?

Style Notes || T-shirt and Leggings: New Look || Jacket: Warehouse || Skirt, Boots, Necklace: British Red Cross


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