Charity couture

Today’s photo was taken by my lovely mum, so I would like to start this post by saying thank you to her. She’s a wonderful example to me and if I become half the woman she is, I’ll be luc. post. The tweed jacket is one of my best buys from the summer… For only £12.00! I found it in the local British Red Cross shop. It just goes to prove the treasures that can be found in charity shops when you take a little time to look through (although volunteering in one helps). And the different stripes of colour that come through make it so versatile, as demonstrated by the burgundy skinnies I paired it with. 
Those of you with an eye for detail may have also noticed the necklace I’m wearing. Another charity find, I brought it from a Sat-7 stall at a Christian convention to support their work in the Middle East. A simple cross with a cut out of a man inside is the only pendant on the black thong, acting as a reminder of the man who died for me. It’s one of the reasons why I dislike the trend of Catholic and religious style accesories. If you have a faith, by all means allow it to influence your style. But if you don’t, then don’t fake it to just be fashionable. As for myself, I’ll be wearing crosses whether it’s cool or not.

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