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5 Tips for a Girl of Many Hats

At work, we have a phrase for someone covering multiple roles. They are known as being “double-hatted”. Though I only have the one role at work (despite almost becoming a stand-in PA), outside of work I often feel like I spend my time switching hats. Now, I love actual hats. Fedoras. Trilbies. Berets. Bowlers. I… Read More

Black and Tan (with a touch of stripe)

Skirt: British Red Cross || Top: Marks&Spencer || Cardigan: HandmedownScarf: Streets of Bath || Tights: Can’t remember || Shoes: Doc MartensEarrings and Necklace: Gift I’m now two weeks into my new job and being able to choose what I wear everyday still hasn’t lost its novelty. So here is another outfit from my expanding and experimental… Read More

December Praise Post

From top left across: Rocky Road Christmas Pud for the whole site Christmas party at Stonehenge, the signs for the #NotAnObject shoot, my amaretto flavour coffee, my highly varied fashion ranging from bowler hats to double denim, one of my writer-themed Christmas presents (review already requested by Hayley), my Advent Bible verses, waiting for the… Read More