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A Pastel Shock

When winter comes around, my instinct is to go for the dark, comfortable shades of grey, blacks and navy. It’s really not that surprising consider I’m not really a pastel or neon sort of girl and, if I’m honest, any colour more than three shades from black terrifies me a little bit. Or so I… Read More

What I wore walking around Whinlatter

View from the first viewing platform at the Whinlatter Osprey Reserve Centre.   If you hadn’t noticed the recurring theme over the last month or so of the Keswick Convention, I’m a regular conventioneer and adorer of the Lake District’s beautiful landscape. I had intended to shoot more than one outfit but time, commitments and… Read More

What’s in my suitcase: Keswick Convention 2014 [Skirts, Dresses, Tunics]

The Keswick Convention: 3 Weeks of teaching from 12 July- 1 August So the other day I introduced you all to my favourite annual holiday and the suitcase dilemmas that it brings with it. Camping, children’s work and wanting to be modest all have their own problems when it comes to stylish practicality but combine… Read More

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Catherine and I having our ‘couples’ photo… well, she had one with her fella so it was only fair 😉  Style notes Katy|| Leggings: forgotten (sorry), Tunic: Encore at Red Cross, Shoes: Next, Hairband: New LookCatherine|| Dress: New Look, Leggings: PeacocksThis week’s outfit shoot was totally impromptu at the National Trust’s Lacock Abbey. As both my… Read More