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Travelling in 90s Denim

Travelling in 90s Denim

Train journeys… There are many pros to taking the train. From being able to continue working, reading or even catching up on telly, taking the train means that we are free to concentrate on other things while leaving the driving to someone else. However, cons include having to work your journey around a fixed timetable.… Read More

5 Places That Make You Happy

As it is always fun to spread a little joy, I thought I would share with you another “5 _____ That Make You Happy”. This time round I’m going to be focusing on the more specific theme of places, because everyone has that special place that they return to over and over again. Ely Cathedral… Read More

May Praise Post

    May has been somewhat strange as months go and I’ve had to force myself to slow down so much. I’ve turned 23, fulfilled at least one more resolution, and learnt to make chocolate from the raw ingredients. I haven’t been instagramming very much as I’ve needed to take time to step back into… Read More

It Snows Up North!

So that title strikes of geographical division- the very sort I dislike intensely having grown up in East Anglia and living in the West Country. However, when I ventured up to Sheffield, which is most definitely north, I was shocked an amazed at the amount of snow they had compared to my sprinkling. So, on the Saturday when… Read More

January Praise Post

So here we are in February. Can you believe it is the second month of 2015 already?! It’s been something of a crazy month as I get used to working 9-5 Monday-Friday and juggling it with blogging, youthwork and church commitments. Oh, and did I mention that I’m taking on a research role with Not… Read More