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Chilling in Suffolk

Slogan t-shirts and slouch boots. They just scream chilled out weekends designed for wandering around town. This particular weekend was spent at my grandparents in Suffolk- hence the change in scenery- so was a great chance to just unwind and leave the stresses of my everyday life behind. However, spending time with my grandparents also… Read More

CounterCouture: Modest Style #3

Originally this post was going to be about what you wear when you have a night out. I then realised that I very rarely get the opportunity now to go out for the night and as such have very few outfit shots, that are not from my badly-dressed university days. So I have changed it… Read More

The Day After The Evening of Binging

So every Wednesday night, I go to my weekly small group. (That’s christian jargon for a bunch of people getting together to study the Bible.) It’s great fun and I love being able to spend time in fellowship with my friends, discussing the Bible. However, this also means that Wednesday nights often become binge nights… Read More