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The Colour of Blood… Oranges

The other week, I discovered that Waitrose had a three for £6 offer on big bottles of blood orange juice. Consequently, I swept up three bottles and proceeded to drink very little else for a while. Yes, I love the sharp-sweetness of blood orange juice to the point of obsession at times. Therefore, it would… Read More

Overdressed Sportswear

Disclaimer: It’s currently gone 11pm and I’m exhausted. However, because I love you guys and love my style, I’m determined to share this outfit with you. So I may have fallen for the sports luxe trend. However, I definitely fell for it after it stopped being catwalk worthy. Does that make me a trend follower… Read More

Sports luxe with a geek twist

Those of you who, like me, are avid readers of the fashion weeklies and monthlies will have noticed a trend that has managed to cross seasons from summer to autumn. That is the sports luxe trend. We’ve all seen the pictures of girls somehow managing to make the strange combination of sports shirts or jerseys… Read More