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Clashing at the Cinema

Anyone else know what to do with the weather at the moment? From sunshine to raining, via cloud, it can be quite difficult to know how to dress each day. My solution has been to ignore the weather and dress how I want but that has caused a few disasters. From being soaked because I… Read More

#6ItemsChallenge || Week 2

Style notes || Aqua top: Amazon, Black jumper: John Lewis, skirt and jeans: British Red Cross, beige pashmina: craft fair, neckerchief: Grandma Main, shawl: Grandma Jenny, rainbow scarf: Toybox, orange pashmina: market stall in Bath We’re almost at the end of week 3 but I wanted to share with you my outfits from the week… Read More

#6ItemsChallenge || Week 1

Wednesday: Black jumper and A-line mini with opaque tights and blue suede boots.Thursday: Aqua vest, black jumper and A-line mini with opaque tights and DM Mary-Janes.Friday: Black pleated laser-cut skirt with coral underlay, nude tights, beige wedges and wooden cross.Saturday: Aqua vest (underneath) and jeans with a belted shawl and purple Doc Martens.Sunday: I’d stayed… Read More